Ramblings: (13/07/2018)

While driving back home, I usually take a route which includes driving past a lot of residential areas; so I tend to encounter many pets and strays on the road, sometimes even squirrels and frogs ! But usually, I see them from afar. So I get the time needed to mentally prepare for any sudden movements.

Well getting back to the story, yesterday night I left for home a little later than my usual late timing. On a particular road, I could see two cars heading towards me; that I can handle. It is a two-lane road. But, what I didn’t calculate for was a dog suddenly popping out from the scary amount of shrubbery on the side of the road. So, he was basically 2 inches from the car; and as usual I was driving at 50-60 km/hr. Involuntarily, I braked sharply and swerved to the right, directly in front of the two incoming cars and somehow managed to swerve to the left in some seconds; avoiding the cars altogether; and most importantly avoiding the dog, who when I looked through my rear view mirror later, was happily jogging along the road.

That moment scared me so badly that I spent a good 10 mins driving at 30 km/hr. I know it’s minor compared to other accidents, but so many things raced through my mind later. Maybe it’s a survival instinct; the mind is configured to show us all we could lose, all that could happen, if we went ahead with a scenario that scared us badly, to tell us not to try that again.


Mumbai Trip 2018

We reached Pune one fine sleepy morning, sat around for sometime, then I being a little nervous about the trip, hustled everyone to get ready.
We were going to Mumbai! ❤
My first trip to the city sans family. Yeah, it was going to be just one day! But, yayyy! 😀 We then went for breakfast and then hurried along to catch the bus.

New Doc 2018-07-02_2
That’s Shweta and Me in the front, and Ani sitting behind us. That scary looking black thing is my interpretation of a lady with a scarf on her face (to save herself from the sun). 

The bus, actually a Traveller, Force Traveller, which was being called a tempo for some reason dropped us at Dadar. The journey was around 4 hours long, but we passed a lot of long, dark tunnels (I actually planned on keeping a count of the tunnels, but then I grew bored of them, could be 6-7 tunnels or more), too many tolls and some really beautiful valleys. It was raining on and off; so every time it did start raining, Thwe and I would turn to Ani and scream, ‘Ani!! It’s raining!‘. Mostly it was me, as I was not prepared to walk around in the ever so popular pouring ‘Mumbai rain’. Yeah, being a Goan, staying in Goa, I am not expected to complain, but I am usually in the comfort of my house, office or car when its pouring cats and dogs outside. Ani did this funny thing of poking his head in between our seats prompting us to call him ‘Mundi’ (Head).

It had just stopped raining when we reached Dadar, so you can guess how wet and icky the road was. We hopped and jumped from the Traveller (mini-bus?) onto the footpath.

Our next stop was the Gateway of India. We had to decide whether to travel by the local buses or book an Ola/Uber. While I was practicing my Hindi reading (reading names of places buses were bound for), Ani booked an Ola which took some time to arrive. The funny thing was a guy who got down with us from the mini-bus got into a cab while we were booking the Ola and all we could do was stare at him in shock and then scream at Ani like, ‘Ani!!!‘.

New Doc 2018-07-02_1
Standing on the footpath at Dadar waiting for the cab.

The cab driver came in maybe 10 mins, by which time it drizzled a little. The cab driver started the journey with a small joke like look how much time this GPS is showing on my application. Go to see it was showing 3 hours to go from Dadar to Colaba. 3 hours! For a moment I did really think that it would take that long, as traffic is something I hear a lot about in these metro cities. But, then he burst out laughing; so I kind of understood it was a joke. 😀 Happy fella.

To be continued…
(You don’t know how happy typing out that above line makes me! 😀 ❤ )

P.S. please forgive my amateur drawings 😀 You will see many more of them in my later posts so I hope I get better 😀

Movie Review: Far From The Madding Crowd (2015)


Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts, Micheal Sheen, Tom Sturridge.

Directed by:
Thomas Vinterberg

Released in:
A humble shepherd proposes to an independent, free spirited girl staying at her aunt’s house. She refuses his offer. But, by a twist of luck/fate their lucks are interchanged. The shepherd’s flock jump off a cliff and he is forced to leave in search for work. The girl’s uncle leaves her his estate and farm. What happens when the shepherd lands a job working in the farm that the girl is now a mistress of.

During the weekend I wanted to watch a sweet and simple love story. This is what came to my mind and it’s exactly what I watched.

The movie is an adaptation of the novel by Thomas Hardy; apparently his fourth novel, which I haven’t read as yet, so I am so in love with this movie, which may not the case after I read the novel. Coz as usual, novels are always (mostly) better than their movie counterparts.
0022bmatthias2bschoenaerts2bas2bgabriel2boakI love how Gabriel Oak, known as Mr. Oak during most of the movie, doesn’t abandon Bathsheba even when she does the most stupidest thing possible, even after Mr. Oak tells her she shouldn’t. Later she herself admits it was a huge mistake, but he doesn’t admonish her for it. He just says – ‘Go to bed, I’ll finish it on my own‘. The ‘it’ meaning covering hay stacks before impending rain could ruin them. Matthias Schoenaerts – was good in this character. I loved the way he tried to look humble by looking down and not having direct eye contact with the people giving orders.
maxresdefaultBathsheba Everdeen- the independent, free spirited woman, seems to just want to play the field but doesn’t want to marry until she meets a particular person who has her feelings in a riot. That’s when she gets married in a hurry. Carey Mulligan was good as Bathsheba. It’s kind of understandable, being young and an owner of a farm and lands; you don’t want to go, get married to someone and get your power taken away from you. I loved that her character got involved in most of the activities in her farm even though she was the Mistress. Her line to the shepherd- ‘If I ever were to marry I’d want someone to tame me, and you’d never be able to do it‘. Applause please !
mv5bmjiyntmzmja4nf5bml5banbnxkftztgwnzmynze1nde-_v1_cr060640360_al_ux477_cr00477268_al_Mr. Bloomwood’s character, I can’t really wrap my mind around why he did what he did. He was jilted by some old love of his, yeah. He wanted stability in his life, yeah. So, he kept proposing to Bathsheba, makes sense too. He almost seemed desperate to settle down.

madding-crowd5-e1431934665958Frank Troy and Fanny Robbin were victims of wrong timing. I can’t imagine how it felt to wait at the altar for your bride and she not arriving. I can also not imagine going to the wrong church for your wedding and realizing at the same time your fiance is waiting at another church.
Yeah, it will never happen in Goa, as the whole clan knows the where, when, who, why of a wedding.
The line Frank says to Bathsheba when she tells him not to kiss Fanny’s dead lips – ‘This woman, dead as she is, is more to me than you ever were, or are, or can be. You are nothing to me now‘.
According to me, being with Frank was like a slap to Bathsheba, bringing her down to Earth.
Summarizing, it is a good movie to watch when you crave a romantic movie on days spent inside your room, with it pouring outside. 😀

Anyone read the novel? Is it similar to this particular movie?

Ramblings: 20/06/2018

A conversation between me and my friends (Thwe and Twinie) during lunch today:

I : You know? The goalkeeper of Egypt, who’s a Muslim, didn’t accept a Man-of-the-Match trophy! Why? because it was sponsored by Budweiser!
Friend : Ehh? Why so?
I :  Muslims apparently don’t drink. Is that true ?
Thwe and Twinie (in unison): Yeah, they are not supposed to.
I : But, some drink right, some.
Friend : Yeah, maybe some drink, but he must be strictly following the rules.
I : But, in this age, you can’t say I am from this religion and not do a certain thing, right?
Friend : Hmm..

After maybe an hour, I realized I too am surely saying No to certain things, just because I think a Christian or more precisely a Catholic, shouldn’t be taking part in such things. Forget religion (though it seems to be one of the biggest segregating category among us), there are so many things we say No to, just because we think being under a certain category of people makes us different.
Like, for example, I cannot do that! I am an Indian (or like we Goans tend to boast – Aami Goenkar, aami kornai he kaam). Or maybe you blame it on your gender. Like I am a guy, I cannot do that !?

So easy to judge people just because they are different than us. But, when it comes to us, we too follow the same values that we despise in others.


Friend: “you looked good today.”

I (scrunching my face): “oh please.”

Friend: “true re”

I (scrunching my face more): “what’s wrong with you today.”

Does any one else have a problem with compliments?
My friend did a good thing, giving me the ‘compliment’ after I was changed and back to my normal shabby self.
Well, I tend to go out of my way to look weird after I get complimented.
I sometimes scrunch my face even when I hear the word – compliment. scrunch

Some years back,

Colleague: Hey, good morning!

I: Hi, Good morning.

Colleague: Hey, you let your hair down today, and a new top !! Looking good!

I (scrunching my face): Hehe, thank you.

When my colleague leaves, I quietly wear my hoodie and tie my hair.

It’s like my own personal allergy. 😀

Yes, I do feel a little more confident after a compliment, but it tends to unsettle me and makes me overly self-conscious.

Psst… doesn’t that smiley look depressed and ill ? Tried to copy one with a scrunched face, from the net. 😀 I feel sad for the smiley 😀

Ramblings: 22/05/18

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that my Mom was at home with me these days. Well, she’s still here after extending her stay by another month. As much as my Dad and brother are counting the days till Mom joins them, I am counting the days till she will be gone, and I will be alone again.

Some people who know me, will think I am waiting for it happily, as I usually like living alone – there is no good way to say that. But having Mom with me for around 2 months was like the most comfortable time I have had here for a long time. Even managed to give me some motivation to show up at office for the crappy work.

It’s going to be difficult to get used to doing things without Mom. Coming back to an empty house, waking up on time for office instead of lazing for an extra 15 mins, will have to search for company to go anywhere, cooking my instant meals instead of having hearty, heavy meals.

Everyone just expects me to be able to bear it, as I have been handling it for so many years. “Handling” is an easy word to say – doesn’t describe the hours I spend thinking of a way to leave and join my family, the hours I spend consoling myself when I can’t find a way, the hurt I feel when relatives casually ask me, “Oh, you like Goa so much? That’s why you’re not going to your family?”.

It especially hurts when Mom is preparing excitedly to leave. I know, I know, Dad and my brother need her more than me. I can’t say all these things to Mom, as she would surely feel bad, so my rant here. 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

Ramblings: (13/05/2018)

One of the common tunes/songs played during a funeral is ‘Lord, I’m coming home’, and it never fails to slightly choke me. 

“I’ve wandered far away from God
Now I’m coming home
The paths of sin too long I’ve trod
Lord, I’m coming home

Coming home, coming home
Nevermore to roam
Open wide Thine arms of love
Lord, I’m coming home”

Maybe I have a memory attached to it, or it could just be the meaning of the hymn.

Ramblings: 2/5/2018

My mom’s home now.

Yeah, the location of my “home” keeps changing according to where I currently am. The quotes – “Home is where Mom is” or “Home is where the wifi connects automatically” don’t apply to me. 😀

And as moms usually are, she is busy cleaning, then cooking and then poof! she’s suddenly outside watering the garden, and then poof! she’s cleaning something again.

The sheer amount of stamina Mummy has is commendable (and a little shocking)!

But, she did manage to coax out some flowers in our garden. 😀

IMG-20180429-WA0001 (2).jpg

Just for reads – 2

While walking towards the washroom, I think how people around would comment on the number of times I have already visited the place during the 5 hours I a in office. Then I say to my self, ‘Drinking water is good! Yeah, it results in many washroom visits but it’s good! Ignore everyone‘. I straighten my shoulders and saunter forward.

I open the door of the washroom, and look at myself in the mirror and shout out aloud ‘Shit!‘. ‘Damn my hair!‘, I think to myself, ‘All these stray ends stand up like I was a victim of electric shock!!’.

There are 3 stalls in our office washroom. I go towards the last one.

As I reach for the handle, the lock starts jiggling from inside, like someone inside is having a hard time unlocking the door. So, I move my hand away from the door and move towards the next door.

But, the jiggling gets louder and urgent. I turn back towards the door and ask, ‘hey, is the lock stuck?‘. No Answer. Yeah, I have that effect on people. People can’t hear me. This time a little louder, I ask again, ‘Oi, are you fine? Is the lock stuck?‘. Still no answer.

Now, I get a little worried, so I start knocking on the door, ‘should I call someone? are you fine?‘. That’s when the jiggling stops and the door unlocks.

I wait for the person inside to come out, but no one does.

So, I open the door and look in. At first, I don’t see anyone, which scares me. I can feel cold chills travel through me. Then I see Pooja standing, facing a corner, motionless, covering her eyes with her palms. I am too shocked to say or think anything now.

I muster a quiet, Pooja? but she stays the same, motionless.

I touch her shoulder, and she turns slowly with her hands still on her eyes. I ask again, Pooja? what happened? I touch her wrist and that’s when she slowly brings down her hands and I see her eyes are closed. I move away from her now. Being a person who freezes under pressure, I am in shock.

Slowly, Pooja moves her hands away from her face and brings them down to her sides.

I ask again, Pooja? Kith zalle?

That’s when Pooja opens her eyes and bursts out laughing.

Nothing happened re. Was just joking!’ 😛

Ramblings: 8/4/2018

Today, my mom and I went to a shop. I sent her ahead so that I could park my scooter. After our purchase, we come out of the shop to see a car parked behind our scooter. 😐 

We tried at first to pull the scooter through the space that was available behind it. But, it was a failure. Though I love racing the bike around, I am at a loss while trying to maneuver a stationary scooter. I just lack the upper body strength for it.

So I pulled the scooter ahead and we decided to wait for sometime. And as usual my mom got upset with the waiting and she said let’s try again. After my multiple, “No, mummy it won’t work”, I got the scooter up from the side stand and my mom helped in maneuvering it from behind.

This place where we struggled with our scooter always, I mean day or night always, has some local Goans around. None of them lifted a finger. 

To my surprise, a tourist who was sitting on a chair at a coffee place, suddenly appeared next to my mom and started helping us. He helped by lifting the scooter slightly and with the maneuvering.

A tourist!

Yeah, I’m sure our Goan fellows must have been sniggering thinking things like, why ride a scooter if you can’t handle it. I don’t care. I’m concerned about the fact that an outsider, a tourist who is supposed to be lying around chilling during his holiday came to help, while the “Goenkars” were lounging on their plastic chairs.

Btw, the tourist had an amazing mandala tattoo on his hand. I’m sure getting one one day! Just because it really does look good.