Ramblings: 19/12/2017

One of my worst experiences, being a complete introvert, is when I’m not in any mood to interact but I’m stuck in a public place. I either get rude or completely ignore people which would qualify as being one and the same ?

Like 4 o’clock in the morning at the airport. Nope I’m not talking, not even gesturing. 

It’s especially bad when a person sits next to or opposite you and desperately tries to gain your eye contact and you try your best not to. Which ends up making me look all kinds of crazy. Staring at the floor, at the pizza, at the coffee, anywhere but the person.

Yeah, I tend to be anti-social at times but it’s 4 in the morning !


How to: Talk to Mutual Friends

Okay, we all have those awkward moments when you meet a friend’s friend or a colleague. You enjoy the starting moments joking about some mutual topic. Then comes the Silence of Doom!😂 like what do I talk now? I end up staring into the distance wondering what to talk about. You can’t exactly just get up and leave. It would look rude and you will obviously meet that person again some day. 😁 “Oh I’m sorry, I had to leave in a hurry, the rest of my life was waiting for me”.
So here are some general questions or discussions you can start till someone saves you:
Let’s start with the basic greeting, “so, how are you? Haven’t seen you around.” Or if you had seen the person around, “I really didn’t get a chance to talk to you. So how’s it going ?
Continue with “So, how’s work?” Or “where do you work?” Or “are you still working at XYZ? So, you have to travel all the way to abc, right? Wow” Or if it’s a student, “how’s studies?” “Which year or grade?” “How were your exams?

With most people this opens a dam of emotions because you either like your work or dread it 😂 and people hate the in-between too.😅

Then you can end with, “you heard from ABC?; how is he/she now?; where is he/she now?“. ABC being your mutual friend or someone you think the other person knows.

Normally this is enough to look friendly when you meet someone.

But what if you are stuck with that person in a car? Or if the only reply you get from the other person is an expression of deep thought and a long “hmmm”? Maybe, discuss the recent popular news. If you still don’t get any response, chuck it, blame it on the weather or some ailment but LEAVE! or if you are in a car, play some LOUD music or better yet, start singing 😀