Ramblings: (23/03/2018)

I sometimes have these moods; that cast a heavy, dark blanket all over me, which makes me numb to the outside world. I still don’t really understand it, what triggers it, what could help it, or should I say get rid of it. 

When this mood comes over me, I can’t think, I can’t listen, and basically am screaming inside my head the whole time. The worst thing is when a friend asks me what happened and I can’t jokingly say, “mood swings”, because in this mood even trying to smile takes effort.

I usually brave it out, by continuing with my daily work routine and wait for it to lift off on its own. Sometimes a friend or relative helps lift it off which adds a little more happiness.


Ramblings: (17/03/2018)

When your trials are met with complains and comments almost arguing with the need for your tries.

What do I do?

I get tempted to stop. Stop trying again. 

But then I realise if I do stop, it will be me who will be at the losing end. I will be the one who will lose trust in my own efforts. That’s exactly the mentality I can’t afford to have; because trying new things is what makes me me. Getting better at something I am interested in, is just a part and parcel of learning new things. Be it languages, cooking, baking, hair styles, art or craft. No one should be able to stop me.

Next time someone complains about something you tried, keep a straight face, smile and joke about your failures along with them. But, go home, learn from your mistakes and try again! 😊

Good night peeps 😴

Movies: 10th-11th March

Friday night, I started the weekend with a few Blacklist episodes from Season 3.

download (1)

As compared to Season 1, S3 is pretty slow and it doesn’t quite hold the attention as the 1st or 2nd one did. I’m hoping it gets more exciting if I ever plan to finish watching the series.
The episodes I watched ended with Keen and Reddington on a cargo ship.
Oooo so exciting ! mehh!

the_snowman_28201729_poster Saturday, I watched The Snowman, starring Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Fergusson.

The opening sequence was a shock. Mostly it was multiple shocks, ending with a huge shock – a son standing next to his mom’s car while it gets submerged into icy cold water. And the mom doesn’t want to get out! Was that a spoiler? :S

The killings are gruesome, but I like these type of thrillers that give me a chance to guess who could be the killer.

I followed Snowman with a movie I found on YouTube – Lucky in Love.

Yeah, I completely changed the genre from thriller to romance. But, I wanted to watch something light that wouldn’t weigh my mind down like Snowman.
The movie is about a woman dreaming about a better job, flat, and partner. To her surprise, she gets all the things she wanted. This part of the movie was pretty cliche but then they show how she handles her new responsibilities and such.
It really is a good, light movie.
But, like the comments on YouTube, no boss is that forgiving or are they? :S
Her sister is so perfectly portrayed! ❤ Anyone who watched this movie, did you notice the huge number of dimples on the screen? 😀 Almost every character had one!
I am really looking forward to watching more Hallmark movies <3<3<3

Sunday; yesterday I was TV channel surfing and out of Jurassic World, Shanghai Nights, Death Race and Love Actually, I got stuck on Love Actually.

I need to say this aloud – I have not watched Love Actually. Yes, one of the most talked-about romance movies and I haven’t watched it! That’s not going to be the case soon.

I watched some scenes – Hugh Grant dancing (when I was muttering, “Please don’t, Please don’t dance”), Liam Neeson coming through the doors shouting praises at Sam, his son.

Those and many more scenes made me want to watch the movie. The movie is jam packed with leading stars.

Ramblings: 08/03/2018

Today, I started my day with a cold, the continuous-sneezing-blowing-into-a-tissue kind; and spent more time holding my head in pain, than actually doing any productive work at office.

The worst part is that most of my sneezes tend to be internal. So, I hold my nose expecting a huge sneeze and receive in return a numbing pain, causing my eyes to brim with tears.

According to a website:

Internal Sneeze: Nothing actually comes out but only an odd “ump” noise. It’s surprising that the person’s eardrums don’t explode.

I am surprised my eardrums do not explode too. 😀

How would you handle sneezing continuously in a cafeteria during lunch? When standing and leaving is not an option? and obviously going hungry is not an option too.

My usual go-to move is to look away/down and sneeze away, usually crumbling into a mess. 😀



‘It’s my birthday today, please have some cake’, I reiterated to every person in my office room; which basically felt like I was begging for their wishes. But the other alternative, which involves a mail being sent to all known colleagues (who may/may not know it’s my birthday) and then waiting for their arrival, seemed to be worse.

The doodle above was on my Google home page, which made me stare at the flames dancing around, for more time than required, with a huge smile pasted on my face. 😀

Birthdays are happy days, especially now that Facebook reminds everyone. 😛 This year for my birthday, I got to cut two cakes, courtesy my godchild’s family and my office friends. 😀

Another year to fulfill wishes and learn new things!

BTW it’s my Godchild’s birthday today!
Happy Women’s Day!

Movies: 3rd-4th March

These days my weekends are spent watching at the max of 5 movies.

Friday, I started the weekend by completing Blacklist Season 2, to be precise the last 3 episodes. My friend, Twinie had prepared me for the surprise in the finale but the person I was least expecting got shot; so the little spoiler didn’t really do its trick.

Anyone watching the last episodes, someone gets shot by SOMEONE. someone comes to know he was being made “ill”. I just wish they gave more important to Ressler. He is a good character. 😐 Get rid of Tom Keen already. 

Saturday, watched a movie I downloaded just to watch Jamie Dornan 😁 Yeah, honesty is the best. The 9th Life of Louis Drax. Okay, this movie is not what I expected it would be. It looked to be more in the Science fiction genre, but it is totally something different. It reminded me a lot about A Monster Calls. 

Aaron Paul gave a good performance as Louis’s father. He will always remind me of Breaking Bad. ❤

Sunday, today, started watching The Giver, which was to be (again) honest, a bit tiring to watch. It’s like all those in-a-beautiful-organized-community-but-have-need-to-break-every-rule-and-generate-chaos type of movies. The clichéd teenager saves the day movie. 😒

Ramblings: (15/02/2018)

This post goes to those people in my life who are always around; engraved into my daily activities, so much so, that their sudden absence, even for a day (even for an hour) wrecks all my schedules and leaves a small little hole in my imperfect little life.

All I can say is Thank You! 😘 for being there always and I hate you (a teeny bit) for your sudden absences. 😂😅

Ramblings: (05/02/2018)

Are you satisfied with your life?

If given a choice to leave this world behind without any regrets, would you take it?

My friends and I had this discussion today after lunch, and one of them outright said that she had no qualms with welcoming death anytime. Though her reasons were not something that needs to be publicised, her requirements were clear. A happy, painless death. I think I am missing an adjective there. But those were her requirements.

As for me, nope. I am not ready for death. I want a happy death and I hope I get to see a natural one. I have many things to do in this world, many more places to visit. Though I go into those dark moods where I would gladly welcome death, I don’t think we fully understand the depth of being dead. It’s like full stop. Full stop to me, my name, my identity. 

Nope, I need to discover more about me myself first. I need an answer to the puzzle that is me before anyone else solves it. I need to see Venice, Amsterdam, the Northen Lights! ❤ Come on, I need to find that one guy who will show me that love is an actual thing and not a fairytale.

You think I don’t settle with what I have? No, I don’t and I won’t. I want more. I didn’t spend years (25 to be precise) climbing mountains to just say I’m done, that I’m satisfied.

And I don’t think my friend is too. 😜

Book Review: Cell by Stephen King

wp-image--1092308164I have read just 3 books by Mr. King – Night Shift, Salem’s Lot and now Cell. So, I could be exaggerating when I say, his books do spook me a little.

The end of the world as we know it is brought along by a necessary evil – the Cell (a mobile phone as we usually call it). A group are among the survivors, who begin travelling in search of a member’s wife and son.

Another Stephen King marvel! I will try my best to keep spoilers out of this review. 😅

The book starts with a brief description of a man who is just starting to have the best day of his life, which is then (obviously) spoiled by the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

It is divided into 4 aptly named parts and takes you through maybe 2 weeks of the lives of these characters but it feels like years pass by when they go through the struggle.

The first day that I started reading the book, I would suddenly get scared of any shadow around me. As I kept reading, every struggle for survival made me scared, like if they couldn’t save the world, I wouldn’t have a world to live in too. Nearing the end, I just couldn’t put it down. I had to know what happens at the end. So, I ended hauling the book along with me to the beach and the garage.

I do have to applaud the amazing clarity in which Mr. King painted every scene in my mind. He especially found the perfect eulogy for the Head, recited by Tom, which is a adapted version of Psalms 40:11 as Tom mentions:
Do not withhold Your mercy from us, O Lord; may Your love and truth always protect us. For troubles without numbers surround us; our sins have overtaken us, and we cannot see. Our sins are more than the hairs of our heads, and our hearts fail within us. Be pleased, O Lord, to save us; O Lord, come quickly to help us. May all who seek to take our lives as this life was taken be put to shame and confusion; may all who desire our ruin be turned back in disgrace. May those who say to us, “Aha! Aha!” be appalled at their own shame. Here lies the dead, dust of the earth, and here are we the living, poor and needy; Lord, think of us. You are our help and our deliverer; O my God, do not delay.”
The eulogy is perfect for their situation at that particular moment.

The one downside was the ending. That. Is. Not. How. You. End. A. Book. I always need closure. Especially from a book that makes you catch your breath every single time the characters take a risk.

Puppy Love <3

I reach home thinking of the movies I want to watch and my cozy bed.

As I open the main gate, my pups start jumping around, excited.

I park the car and let Livie free for her daily evening run/stroll.

And as usual, she runs off for a distance and comes racing back, and jumps up to hug me.

It’s almost like, Ohh! I forgot to hug mommy! 😀 ❤

And as usual Appy is barking and howling like, Give me attention! Me! Me! Look at me! Come here! Come here! 😀 ❤

Some routines are not worth changing. 😀 ❤