Movie Review: Braveheart (1995)

Director: Mel Gibson
Actor: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Catherine McCormack


A Scot fights for the freedom of his people i.e. the Scots, after his wife is killed by English soldiers.


During the whole course of the movie, you get to enjoy the beautiful views of Scotland. Mel Gibson has played his role as William Wallace to perfection. The battles had me closing my eyes, which is exactly the expected reaction to any medieval battle scene. I was especially laughing out aloud during the scene where they bare their privates at the English before the battle. I loved the bagpipes playing every once in awhile. I am in LOVE with the Scottish accent! No in the naaw!


The whole storyline could have been a true story in my mind till the French princess goes and falls in love with Wallace. Seriously? Maybe they didn’t want to make the movie just perfect. Other than that, to my amateur eye, I couldn’t find any other flaw. Though their accents seemed to shift from Scottish to the British accent easily, even though it was a Scot like Wallace talking.

Reason I watched

It was always on my to-watch list and on many to-watch lists online. Who can forget that one scene, “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEEEEDOM!!!!!!”.

Would I recommend you to watch?

Well, you need to understand their Scottish accent. The movie is set in the 1300s, so expect a medieval wardrobe. Sit through almost 3 hours of the movie without dozing. Watch Wallace romance 2 ladies. Watch gory battles. Watch horses being killed and stabbed. If you can bear all the above mentioned hurdles, I would definitely recommend this movie! It was a really good movie.
It’s funny how movies released a century ago can still affect us (me mostly).


Love is in the hair :)

Please do read her post. She donated her hair for a better purpose.
That’s my cousin, who I am always and forever proud of.

Jolta's world .....

Oh yes it hurt and yes it pained just cutting of those long lovely locks. My hair were not an asset that I would flaunt infront of the world. They were a part of me ……something that I longed for ever since I was a child. Ask a girl who was never allowed to grow her hair…..and had to be satisfied looking at other girls just flaunt their hair. Oh the pain …..I still remember. I remember how I was mocked by girls and even boys for having a boy cut . I remember how I used to be cheated and taken to the parlour to chop my hair. I remember myself crying as the scissors just cut through them. I remember my rebellion in deciding to cut my hair only at the men’s saloon because I didn’t want to feel low infront of the women at the parlour. Oh…

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Intro to Whitey

I would like to state that, I am a dog person. @thwe 😉 I LOVE dogs! and obviously they like me too 😀 ❤
I like cats too, I like how their fur feels; but I get a mild allergic reaction to their fur, where I literally look like I’m crying, maybe a symptom of childhood asthma. Keeping that in mind, my family have never kept a cat.

A week back, my dad without a second thought brought home a small teeny little kitten. The cutest little thing!

When I reach back home from work, she meows and meows and meows as if screaming at me for being late! When I snuggle on a sofa, she jumps on the sofa and snuggles on my leg. When I am sleeping, she jumps onto the bed and fights with my hair or just pushes her head into my messed-up hair and waits that way.

Beware the hungry kitten! Early in the morning, she meows so repeatedly and loudly that I, get out of bed and put some food out for her. Yes, I *pointing at myself* do that. The person who would rather sleep than get out of bed and make breakfast for my starving stomach.

So, that was my introduction to our newest member – Whitey or Blessy as dad likes to call her.


Ramblings: (06/08/2016)

Why is it that when we don’t live up to someone’s expectations we are tagged as a loser. A no-gooder. You become the person who will never succeed in life suddenly. One minute you have a joyful grin on your face and the next you are reminded of all your shortcomings. You become a person who will bring shame to the family, who should end up as an old maid, coz come on! Why should anyone be a loser’s partner?


One expression. One word.
That’s all it takes to spoil my mood.
It could be an unintended dismissal.
But, somehow I lose interest in everything and how much ever I try, I can’t reverse it.
So, I end up faking smiles and being aloof.
or maybe it could just be me being at my cranky self after a bad night.

Mission: ?

Driving car at a leisurely pace (60 km/h) 😜
Spot a guy riding a bike ahead.


Step 1: Sit up straight………………….
Step 2: Suck tummy in…………………
Step 3: Get stubborn hair to behave…
Step 4: Put on a smoldering cool look
Step 5: Intensely stare in front……….
Step 6: Breeze past the guy……………

Mission Accomplished!

What the hell was the “mission” in the first place? 😛

Ramblings (17/5/2016)

Today was a fun day! Wait! It is still a fun day. 😀

Lunch time, we couldn’t bear our office lunch menu (Batata bhaji gravy, Beetroot bhaji, Dal Fry, Palak Rice, Plain Rice, Chapati, Cucumber Slices, Raita, Jalebi) so we decided to go out for Fish thali. We hunted down a nearby restaurant owned by some guy named Raju’s (usually some of the best Fish thalis are served in these small bar and restaurantsBut, no one can beat mom’s and aunt’s fish curry rice! yumm)

We are on a side road searching for this place – Raju’s. I see a guy inside a small grocery looking out at us so I shout out, “Raju’s hui aaha?/Where’s Raju’s?“. He screams back, “Konn Raju? /Who’s Raju?“. I act out “eating” and tell him,”Khaupache restaurant Raju’s!/Raju’s restaurant- to eat!“. He points to his right.. I point at that bar and ask him, “Hei Raju’s?????/This is Raju’s“. From inside he’s like, “Hai!!/ Yes!!

So much drama to find a small bar n restaurant. Guess what. Raju is the manager of the place. Thus people call it Raju’s. We expected a board with Raju’s Bar n Restaurant on it.

After the yum lunch (rava-fired lepos (idk the English name) and bangdo (mackerel)), we took a detour to a small spring next to a nearby restaurant; where I soaked my jeans. 😥 (sitting with soaked jeans in an AC room! Brrr!!!)

The spring water, though a little muddy, is filled with these little fish which nibble on your toes when you dip your feet in and sit completely still. 😀
Fishy Pedicure! 😀


Toodles 🙂

Music (13/5/2016)

Today, let’s talk music.
The current top 10 songs on my list with the job of entertaining me are a mix of old and new but mostly dance music. Can’t handle slow tunes these days. *yawn*

  1. Sia ft. Sean Paul – Cheap Thrills
  2. Major Lazer ft. Ms Thing – When You Hear The Bassline
  3. Major Lazer – Roll the Bass
  4. Hardwell – Spaceman
  5. Troye Sivan – Youth
  6. Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back
  7. David Guetta ft. Sia and Fetty Wrap- Bang My Head
  8. Mike Posner – I Took a Pill in Ibiza
  9. Jonas Blue ft. Dakota – Fast Car
  10. Major Lazer – Light It Up

That’s a lot of Major Lazer, right? 😛
I’m in love with Sia’s voice too. ❤

Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)


Ramblings: (12/05/2016)

<spoiler alert>
The Game of Thrones S6 E2
<spoiler alert>

Yesterday night, while dozing on our sofa, I was watching The Game of Thrones S6 E2 (Yeah I know I’m late 😦 ). I knew Ramsay was going to kill his father, Roose Bolton. I knew he would kill his step-mom, Wanda. But, I was shocked with the proceedings in this episode.

Roose on hearing the happy news that his wife gave birth to a son, happily turns to Ramsay and says, “You will always be my first-born”. Ramsay hugs and congratulates him and in the same breath stabs him! The damn Karstark just stands there. (Like dude! You are being so…. what is that word?! 😐 )

Ramsay as the new Lord Bolton, ‘summons’  Wanda with her baby (She just gave birth for crying out loud!) and takes them to the dog cages where he sets the hounds on both of them!

I needed a pause after that scene. Just close my eyes and lie down in peace.

How a scene imagined in someone’s mind can affect us mere mortals!