Review: Viva Panjim, Panjim, Goa


The occasion for this lunch was *drum-roll* MY BIRTHDAY !! Actually Pooja’s and mine 🙂 Before lunch, my friends and I were caught up in organizing an event for students. We had decided to go to Viva Panjim’s weeks before coz of the rave reviews about it. There is a small Artifact shop outside this restaurant, Marcou Artifacts which has the most amazing things for show (we had been to this shop exactly one year before and still we had no idea where Viva Panjim was located 😛 ). #lostUs



DSCF8373The restaurant is built into an old Portuguese time house. It has natural sunlight pouring into the restaurant inside (excluding the A/C room) and it has tables outside in the fresh air. 🙂 (lunch outside in the sun is for next time 😉 ).

We were pretty much famished after searching for ourselves and then the restaurant so the A/C room was selected.


We reached at the restaurant at past 3 o’clock. So, it was kinda expected that the waiters would force us along. But, the waiters seemed cool and advised us to order the main course along with the starters coz the kitchen was supposed to close early. They served us properly though a little in hurry, it was expected coz we were pretty much late and were a huge gang. The main course was a little disappointing, not coz of the food (Food was awesome !!) but coz the kitchen was already closed and we didn’t get a chance to order additional pau.


DSCF8392The menu was good. I was distracted from the time I entered the restaurant so didn’t get a chance to analyze it (It was my birthday, I had a right to be distracted 😉 ). There were a lot of authentic Goan dishes. (yumm) (like one of my friend says, “Slurrpppp”) 😛

The Food

We ordered:

Drinks: Lemon Soda, Slice Mango juice

Starters: Paneer Chilli Fry, Squid Chilli fry, Rava Fried mussels

Main Course: Fish Masala, Chicken Cafreal, Egg masala with Pau

Everything was yum. Anyone could have rated the restaurant keeping in mind the silence at our table 😛

Would I Go Again?

Umm… I should definitely consider removing this question from my reviews….

Obviously I would go again !!!! I love good food and this is where I got me some good yum food !! 😀


Review: Chef Fernando’s Nostalgia, Raia, Goa

What better to do on Valentine’s day than an outing with the girlfriends 😀 At that point, we were all single (Mummy if you are reading this: I was never committed 😛 Don’t worry) and had no other plan so, we thought, “Let’s go out !”, “Enjoy ourselves !!”, “Better than moping around at home”, “Valentine’s day is NOT only for couples !! It’s for friends toooo !! 😀 ❤ “.

We were always planning to go to Nostalgia for a very long time (or maybe I was the one forcing 😀 ), and it was my last Saturday to hog on chicken, so we went for lunch there.

20150214_144950                                                             20150214_150824


From the time we entered the parking area, to the inside of the restaurant, we knew that we entered a really wow place ! Outside there were all these caricatures of Goan traditions and ways. The four of us  were pointing around in awe and laughing at most of them. 😀 The inside of the restaurant had minimal lighting but it was comfortable 🙂


It was Valentines day, so there were a good amount of families and couples in the restaurant (though my friend had commented that there would not be much customers as most couples celebrate V day in the evening 😛 ). Though there were lots of customers, the service was pretty much good.


 I didn’t really pay any attention to the music. There was no live music. Disappointing ?


20150214_134111The menu was a unique looking one, and the options were lots. But, we were decided on Chicken Cafreal so, we directly ordered that for the main course. All Authentic Goan dishes with their names written in Konkani on the menu (with English subtitles).

The Food

I guess we could have ordered anything and it would have tasted wow ! Authentic Goan dishes ! 😛

Drinks: Cranberry juice 🙂

Starters: Shellfish rava fry, Veg Crouquets (The crouquets were just yum ! That coming from me ( a pure non-veg) is a shock ! 😀

Main course (non-veg): Chicken Cafreal and Pau; (yummmm)

Main course (veg): Bhendyachi codi (Ladyfinger curry) and plain rice (yummmm )

The main course was sooo damn yum !! My mouth is watering just thinking about those dishes. 😛 I actually enjoyed the veg dishes which happens like once in a year for me. That I liked anything that a vegan would like.

Would I Go Again?

P.S. This was actually my second time at Nostalgia. I had already been here once with family and friends. The memory of the food that day had me pestering my friends. It’s a really nice place for a private lunch/dinner.

And, YES I would go again…

Hmmm… is there any restaurant I wouldn’t go to again ?? 😛

Review: Fisherman’s Wharf, Cavelossim, Goa

This is one restaurant that can totally soothe your nerves and make you jump up and down like a kid shouting, “Look at that fish !!! ” or “Look at that Eagle !!!”. I did just that 😛 #madMe

I had first heard about this place when some of my college friends would tag themselves in this restaurant on FB. It was like 20 mins from my home and I didn’t see the place and people from miles away had already enjoyed it ! That got me a little flustered ! So, the next time my family planned a dinner together, I suggested Fisherman’s Wharf. I don’t really remember the first time I was there coz I was down with fever but I somehow managed to sit there and gobble food. 😛

The second time I went there was with my bestie, Shweta. It was a mind-soothing and peaceful time. And not forgetting… a yummy time !! 😛


I was totally wooed by their ambiance ! I have been to Fisherman’s Wharf at night and day time now. I must say, I had a nice time both times ! 🙂 I love the open balcony facing the river !! ❤ I had to just lean across the railing to peep out at the little fishes swimming around.


I think I always end up at restaurants when there is least business ! We were the only ones at Fisherman’s Wharf, both times I went there ! Something’s fishy !! 😛

The waiter’s there didn’t have any other work other than serving us. So yeah, the service was good. But I have to mention, the minute another party entered the restaurant, our waiter just disappeared ! And the ones that were just loitering around in plain sight some time ago, just vanished !


Music ? Well, there wasn’t anything special about the music at the time that I went there. But, Enrique’s vocals can always brighten my day any day !


Menu was good ! There was a lot to choose from ! Lots of new dishes that I had never tried before. Like the Mixed Fried noodles that had strips of pork and beef with vegetables ! Hmmm….. I’ll be trying it the next time 😀

The Food

I am at a loss when I try to recollect what I had at Fisherman’s the first time I had been there.

The second time, we ordered:

Drinks: Cranberry/Mango juice (They didn’t have a stock of my favorite Maaza/Frooti/Slice !!  :'(  )

Starters: Vegetable Spring rolls

Mains: Mixed Vegetable Noodles

Dessert: Tiramisu (Yummmmm !!!)

Tiramisu !!!! Yum !! Though I kinda felt a layer tasted like Boost(A high protein drink mix that my mom mixed into my milk when I was a kid)

Yes, we tend to eat light. It never fails to amaze me every time a person goes for a second helping when I can’t even finish off my first helping. You would find me with my mouth wide open saying, “Whaaat ? You going for more ??!!!” :O :O

Would I Go Again?

Yessssssss, I would go any day !! I have many new dishes to try !! Many new fishies to point at !!

I would love to go again to click some pictures of the view !!

Review: Fishka Bar & Restaurant, Majorda, Goa

Yesterday, my relative, Zenelda and I decided to go out for a spin.

Our plan was go to the beach; walk for half an hour maybe (lazy people that we are XD ); then go for a milkshake somewhere and have a chicken shawarma (to make up for the lost calories 🙄 ). But, one thing led to another and we cancelled the beach idea, the milkshake idea and the shawarma idea and decided that we would go for dinner somewhere. So, at sharp 6p.m. we reached Fishka.

After our whole meal, we were soo stuffed, that we could be mistaken to be high on drinks 😀 I guess you really can get drunk on food. 😉 We were giggling like mad. And some of Zenelda’s comments surprised me a lot 😛 😛



The Ambience was good. I didn’t like it as much as Pepper’s but it was okay for an evening out for fun. It’s right opposite Alila Diwa Resort, so there were many foreign tourists around.

Candles were kept on every table and I guess it would have been a nice romantic ❤ dinner if Zenelda had come with her hubby and she said so herself. XD


The waiters were courteous and came promptly whenever called (maybe coz there were not many customers). They advised as to what could be ordered (We tend to mix match all types of cuisines 😛 ). They served our food and were friendly 🙂 . The last time I had visited Fishka, my friends and I couldn’t understand a word the waiters were saying but this time they were understandable. 🙂 >:D


For me, if the music at a place is good, the place is the best. And yes, Fishka had good music. 😀 I guess we had entered early so we didn’t get to fully enjoy the live music. But I loved the jams that they were playing before the live music started.

The live music at Fishka was a lady playing a brass instrument and it was okay, soothing.


We got pretty much excited looking at all the cocktails and hard drinks 😛 But, we didn’t have the guts to try any… XD There were veg, fish, chicken, pork and beef dishes. But there were very less pork and beef dishes to choose from. The one time I go with someone who eats those dishes !!

The Food

We ordered the following:

Drinks: Cinderella and Sunset Cooler

Starters: Spicy Chicken Wings and Fishka Special Creamy Prawns

Main Course: Cheese Naan with Chicken in Schezwan Sauce

The drinks were good and we were still sipping on them even after we finished our main course.

The Chicken Wings were yummmm !!! Everybody should visit Fishka just for their chicken wings !!! They are soooo yum !! The Creamy Prawns were not that special.

The Cheese naan and the chicken were good too.

Would I Go Again?

Yes !! Yesterday was my second time at Fishka and it will surely not be the last. Chicken Wings !! 😛 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I loved their food last time and I brought along a friend this time. Zenelda loved it soo much that she will be coming back with her hubby for their Anniversary.

On their coasters, they wrote “If you enjoyed our food, Tell a friend. If not, Inform us”. That’s what I did !!

Review: Peppers Gourmet Cuisine, Margao, Goa

Last night, a friend and I had dinner at Peppers Gourmet Cuisine, to try out a new restaurant and to pass our time. 😀

They have their own page which is like wow!!



My friend selected a balcony table, coz she read in some reviews that those were the best. Yes, it was a good choice coz it looked a little stuffy and crowded inside the restaurant. But, outside on the balcony, the air was cool and pleasant.


The service was pretty smooth. The waiters are locals so orders can be given in Konkani (that’s always a plus point according to me 😉 ) The food arrived pretty fast. I always feel pampered when the waiters take the time to serve some dishes, and that’s exactly what our waiter did (another plus point 🙂 ).


I loved the live music at Peppers !! Just loved it !! All oldies like Carpenters, Elton John, John Denver and the like… Wow !! There was karaoke too… It felt really amazing coz people were joining in when the singer was singing a much loved oldie like Top of the World…. If you were singing or not singing, it gives a wonderful feeling. 🙂

Menu Card

Lol… Their menucard was printed in another galaxy I guess! It was a pain to handle! It was longer than my hand! A HUGE placard that took so much effort to turn around! 😀 

The Food

Let’s forget the menu card.. 😛

The food was really good with fish, chicken, beef and pork. My friend ate only fish and chicken so we didn’t get to try the other dishes but the ones we did try were really good. For drinks, I had Mango Madness which was a pricier version of Slice/Maaza/Frooty… which was a waste! and my friend ordered Senorita, which she compared to whisked melted strawberry ice-cream. For starters, we ordered: Spicy Cantonese Wings (they were sooo yummm !! I found myself dreaming about them today in the afternoon! 😛 yummmm) and Pepper-fried Red Snapper (yumm too, but not as memorable as the wings). For main course, we ordered Chicken Steak (I’m sure it would have tasted heavenly, if we were not totally stuffed with the starters). And dessert…. this is and always will be a secret. 😛

Would I Go Again?

Yes, I would love to go again with my company buddies and family whenever possible. I would love to taste their pork and beef dishes with my family. But, I would definitely go back for their live music 🙂 Loved it!!!