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Ramblings: 07/05/17

So, I started reading a book. A book that I randomly chose; like one minute I am blankly checking out tops on an online shopping site and ting! I want to read this book; so I check out some of its reviews, and my interest peaks.
I expect the usual drama, the usual oh-so-pretty, oh-so-talented and oh-so-attractive female protagonist and her usual rugged, handsome, charming male lover.
I don’t realise when I got lost in its world. In the faerie realm, I must add the adjective – beautiful faerie realm. Not usually being a person who loves fantasy, I like to focus on reality and would gladly skip the parts that the author has taken pains to describe in detail – a magical something.
Not this book.
I got totally lost in its world. Totally captured by its beauty, the ensuing drama between the characters. Captured just like a book is supposed to capture a reader.
The times that I have to take a break from reading gives me the Avatar kind of feel. My real world feels fake, and the world conjured in my mind by the author seems to be the real one. Full of magic and love. Beautiful colors and dark corridors.
I still have yet to complete it and find out who wins.😈
Psst… The book’s name is A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.
Yes, apparently a YA book.

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Ramblings: (21/04/17)

Those mornings when I wake up and a random song starts playing my mind, and it manages to be the only song I hum all day long; only song I listen to all day. Those are my best days. You can say or do anything to me. I will reply or ignore you while humming my song. 😉
Today I woke up with “Baby, you’re all that I want, when you’re lying here in my arms. Can’t find it hard to believe we are in heaven!”. Yeah, yeah I messed up the lyrics. I do that, put in my own words, not caring if they make sense or not. 😁😅
I’ll be singing on the stairs up, the stairs down, while having lunch, while coding, basically everytime, anywhere. 😁
So, today is dedicated to Bryan Adams – Heaven and the Cascada cover.

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Ramblings: 5/4/17

That moment when you want to just pull someone’s hair screaming
stop being so smug! stop acting like you know me! you only know me coz I made the mistake of trusting you! stop acting friendly with all the beautiful thoughts in your presumptuous mind
but all you actually do is look away and concentrate on something else.

Why waste energy on someone who clearly doesn’t care.

Sometimes the people you trust hurt you the most. Those that you expect will always be there are the first ones to betray and run away.

I know I promised happy posts but, life is not all happy. 🙂

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Ramblings: 1/3/2017

Those outings with friends who just can’t shut up! They keep cracking jokes, keep commenting on things; so much that even you absorb the happy excited vibe. Like one atom is in excited state and it brings all its neighboring atoms to more or less the same state. That’s what happens. And in that state, you have no reason to look at your cell. Other than wonder, “Did I tell mom I would be out for dinner?”. Sometimes look around in horror if there are any relatives or neighbors around who would spread gossip in 2 secs like, “You know whose daughter I saw in that restaurant at this time, with 2 open beer bottles in front of her?” 😱😱 who really cares who was actually drinking the beer.
P.s. I completed 8k steps yesterday!! Woohoo! Didn’t really think it was possible. I thank my parents for teaching me how to walk, Twinie for our daily walks (where we sweat and curse in the sun), Da Tita’s and the almost-no walk on the beach. I’m so proud of myself 😂😜
Happy Ash Wednesday! 🙂
It’s March already! 😦

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Rambling: 24/02/2017

Earlier this did not bother me much. Maybe I was just amazing at ignoring it, but these few months it’s getting on my nerves. Maybe earlier it happened rarely.  That a person sitting right next to me, with full knowledge that I am there besides them. Just me. But they are glued to their phones.

One such incident was when I wanted to order a take away at KFC. The friend who was with me said he would also accompany me. Then he added that we could have starters to pass the time. Who am I to say no to KFC? So I order my take out plus some snacks. So we are sitting at the table, we start talking and then in the middle of my question, he looks at his cell and boom he’s gone. He’s lost in his cell. My usual reaction is the bury myself too into my cell. But alas, my dumb cell’s battery is dead. The order is ready so I go to pick it up. I come back with the order and he’s still stuck in his cell. My reaction? “Come on let’s go. You can eat this at home right. Let’s leave.” The guy says, “You’re in a hurry?”.

I am fascinated by phones too! I really love those people who keep their phones away when they know someone is around. Yes, there are such people. They exist and I love them to bits. Atleast have the courtesy to say, “sorry but so and so is asking about something”. “Excuse me”. Or maybe “give me a minute”. Nope some people just dive into their cell and disappear. I wonder if they would realise if I just stood up and walked away.
End of rant ☺

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Ramblings – 15/02/2017

In the heat (cold?) of nostalgia, I message a friend, “I really miss you being around here”. I wait for 5 mins, 15 mins, half an hour and then an hour. No reply. Obviously the nostalgia is gone by the time she replies.

No one really knows how much they mean to someone be it – a pet, a close friend, a parent or a sibling.

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Ramblings (4/2/17)

First day of our weekend, Saturday ends. 😣 How was your week? I was just thinking about all the dumb and funny situations I have lived through in just one week:
1) I have a meeting on the same floor as one of my “crushes”. I have to go to the washroom and while leaving, right in front of my eyes is guess who. The one person I didn’t want to see. Obviously he’s talking on his cell with someone. So, I’m all prepared to walk as fast as I can. But, nope, I can not be allowed to go that easy. He turns towards me and I mouth out a ‘Hiiiii’, waving my hand and he turns back to his original position without any response. 😂 I just go like 😨Carol walk! Walk away fast! (Ps. He does message later but that whole scene was a flop show)
2) My friend and I recently got our hair colored. My plan flopped, the color isn’t visible unless I actually take a colored strand of hair and take it right upto someone’s face. A friend asks me, ‘you also colored your hair right?’ I say, ‘yes, but it isn’t visible much’. At that moment I was holding a bunch of my hair which had some of the highlights. I show the bunch of hair to him and he kinda just disregards my tries and replies, ‘No I can’t see it’. Damn that hurt 😂
I quietly retreat to my other friend’s side while trying to lick the wounds to my wounded ego. I guess she realised I’m hurt coz she looks at my hair and says, ‘yeah it’s visible’. And I’m back again! 😁
3) Okay I have to warn you. I have like a dozen crushes at a time. Another crush used to sit in the same room (or wing) as me at office. Such a big distraction. Like my whole attention, would be on when he would come to office in the morning, when he would leave, everything. The damn guy left my wing!!! Yayyy woohhooo! I have freedom! The best part? I haven’t seen him since ! Yea yea I bring him up in conversations to know his whereabouts but other than that haven’t seen him !! Yayy me!
4) It was my relatives birthday yesterday. We went all the way to her house which is a drive of 1 hour. Loved the good vibes at the birthday celebration. She was surprised and so was her mom. Surprise bday parties are the best! 😁
5) Yesterday was the first demo of what I had been working on for more than a week. Lo and behold! It doesn’t work! 😂 All three of us in that demo meeting try everything, even stare at the blank table and dare it to be populated with records. But nooo! I go back to my desk to fix the error. Guess what? I made one error. One character was wrong. One damn character, and the whole thing stops working! Arghhh!
6) There is an event at office – a quiz event for school kids. When we first joined the company, apparently we had organised the first edition of the event in Goa. That time we were the fresh faced juniors. This year, Thwe and me were standing in a room full with juniors. Idk about her, but I felt old. But not any wiser. 😂
That was my week! 🙂
We in Goa voted today. Not a fan of politics. Not a anything of politics, actually. But, hopefully someone worthy wins. 🙂

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Ramblings: (07/12/2016)

Jinxing a friendship by telling a friend, “You are my ‘best’ friend”. Don’t even think that. Having a “best” friend is overrated or overhyped. Coz to have that would be like finding your “one true love” or maybe finding a unicorn. Oi, I repeat ONE true love! Don’t confuse it with the practical falling in love countless times. Calling a close friend or a good friend or just a friend, your “best” friend is a recipe for disaster. It’s like you are waiting for something to happen by labelling your friendship as a “BFF”. I have had so many of those giddy girl moments where I gleefully appointed that season’s close friend as my bestest “best” friend forever.
For those who have found their “best” friend. I’m jealous. I really am. Let me know some tips and pointers on how to snare one. Or are “best” friends just a myth. Like the “one true love” and the unicorns?

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Ramblings: 18/11/2016

Okay right now (4:20 am), I am sitting inside the airport along with hundreds of other people. It’s funny how the smallest scream the loudest! Like waaaaaah! That too at 4:30am! (And manage to weep through the whole flight too). Some people giggling their heads off while cracking jokes in another language. Like tee-hee-hee-hee, bahsbsnajdb, hahahahaha😂 and im sleepily staring at them like @#sjdnd!*naj, stfu!
Then comes the dreaded announcement, “Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the late arrival of the flight, the departure of the flight will be delayed.” (By one hour and 10 mins!!) 😱
Too chilled and too drowsy to ignore the coffee stand. Yea yea, I know the spoonfuls of sugar will make me fat, but it’s gonna allow me to force my eyes to stay open. I actually don’t remember sipping the coffee.
Atlast the flight arrives and we board it. Which involves standing in long queues along with the hollering babies.
But, I’m at peace once I comfy myself into my window seat. Okay, no matter how many times I have flown on the same flight, by the same route, with the same scenes, I always love the window seat! 😁 The kid in me loves it! I keep peering out to see if we are over land or sea. Stare in amazement at the mountains and clouds.
Someone give me a job that involves flying around in flights! 😣
Another thing, there are elderly parents, travelling to visit their children. These ladies and gents struggle their way through the whole procedure of check in, immigration, baggage check and then the long hours of wait for departure.
Come on, if you are so interested in getting your parent(s) abroad, do it yourself. Don’t let them struggle on their own. No one bothers to wait for them long enough to help. Be grateful to those who do help and wait.

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5 by 5 rule


Like I had posted in my previous post! 😁
Nope I didn’t make up that quote 😁
Found it while stalking people on Facebook.😁