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Tutorial: Boondoggling Earrings

What’s Cooking?

Boondoggled Paper Earringsimage


4 strips of quilling paper (any color of your choice)
Earring hooks with rings
You and Your Amazing Hands !

Things to remember




STEP 1: Take your 4 quilling paper strips. Name each of your strips as A, B, C and D.

STEP 2: Take strips A and C, glue each of their ends together, forming the A-C strip. Repeat for D and B strips, forming the D-B strip. Stick the D-B strip on top of the A-C strip so that it looks like a perfect cross (STEP 2 in the above diagram).

STEP 3: Gently bring strip C to Region A. Make the fold tight.

STEP 4: Gently bring strip D to Region B. Make the fold tight.

STEP 5: Gently bring strip A to Region C. Make the fold tight.

STEP 6: Gently bring strip B to Region D. Make sure to slide strip B under the loop made by strip C in STEP 3. Refer STEP 6 below. Make the fold tight.

Realistic steps

In these steps I exchanged strips A with strip C, and strip B with strip D.

But only the names are different, the steps remain the same.











Front view after the first fold.


Behind view after the first fold.


This is what results after repeating the above 6 steps another 5-6 times.


These 6 steps complete one full fold. Repeat these steps as many times as you want till you are satisfied with the size of the earring.
Once you are satisfied with the number of folds, cut off the extra quilling paper and stick them on the base formed with all the folds.
Now stick the two ends of the folds together to get the circular shape.

There you are 😁 you made one cute little boondoggling earring !! Now do the same for the other one 🙂

Please let me know your feedback once you have tried these !
My other samples:

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Roses… <3 Flowers… <3 Card… <3


Quilled Roses Bouquet 🙂 ❤


The Bouquet tied up in a more presentable manner… 🙂

After seeing Shweta’s birthday card with the quilled roses(Quilled Roses) on her desk, her colleague asked me to make 10 quilled roses with stems for her wedding. That’s the end-product… ❤ ❤ ❤ They turned out great !! 😀


Quilled Card for a friend’s birthday


Fringed Flowers used in the card

A friend’s birthday is a big occasion in our group. 😀 We start planning for a birthday one month in advance but end up actually implementing most of the plans 1 week before the birthday XD

The above card is a product of 4 days of removing time from work and filling up the card with many things… 🙂 Shweta and I made a Z-fold card. That’s just the front. There were 5 sides to fill excluding the front.

Love Birthdayz !! ❤ ❤ Cake ❤ Fun ❤ Gifts ❤ Balloons ❤ Tomorrow is another friend’s birthday… 😉

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the start of my Quilling journey…..

I guess this is my first post on something that can actually be done to pass our time. 😀 All the other posts seem to have nothing to do with the name of my blog. 😀

Well, the first time I heard about or saw Quilling was when one of my favorite college professors, posted a photo of her creation online for some competition. It was soo beautiful !! I just loved it ! ❤ But I guess I was too lazy and uninspired to try quilling during that part of my life.

Then I had my second rendezvous with quilling when my friend(my-one-true-fan), Shweta made me a birthday card using quilling. It was, obviously, beautiful and I treasure it and will always treasure it always.

Then during the boring days, when I didn’t have any work in office, I thought, “Why not try out quilling? It’s the best time now. Now or never.” So, one boring Sunday afternoon, I finally dragged my lazy bum all the way to the city and bought a quilling set, which contained a pack of assorted color strips, a quilling needle, a small bottle of glue and instructions.

That evening, my relative, Zenelda and I tried out our first quilling creation. It looked awesome and it turned out great which fired up my interest in quilling.

My First ever Quilled card... my creation with help from Zenelda :)
My First ever Quilled card… my creation with help from Zenelda 🙂
Quilling using comb.. Easiest thing eveeer !!
Quilling using comb.. Easiest thing eveeer !!

Quilling using comb

Quilled Flowers - Quilled Rose and Fringed Flowers
Quilled Flowers – Quilled Rose and Fringed Flowers

Quilled Roses

Quilled Fringed Flowers

And then ideas started creeping into my mind. Why not gift Shweta with a great quilled card? Why not gift my family with a nice quilled Christmas card? And that’s how my great quilling journey started…. 😉

I made a quilled card for Shweta’s birthday which is a copy of a design on net. It contained 14 roses which were stuck on branches with green leaves.

To tell you the truth, learning how to make quilled roses was a pain. But, the end result always turned out beautiful. It takes a whole lot of patience to make all the turns and folds for each rose, and surprisingly, I managed to make around 15 roses without killing myself. 😛

My trials at making quilled roses...
My trials at making quilled roses…
Shweta's Bday quilled card - with Quilled Roses and leaves
Shweta’s Bday quilled card – with Quilled Roses and leaves

Now I’m planning on making some quilling goodies for Christmas and some Christmas cards for friends and family. Wish me luck !! 😀 I’ll post the pictures here once done.

Thanks to the myriad of quilling tutorials on the net, I have finally mastered the art of quilling. Thank you World Wide Web !! ⭐