Movie Review: Far From The Madding Crowd (2015)


Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts, Micheal Sheen, Tom Sturridge.

Directed by:
Thomas Vinterberg

Released in:
A humble shepherd proposes to an independent, free spirited girl staying at her aunt’s house. She refuses his offer. But, by a twist of luck/fate their lucks are interchanged. The shepherd’s flock jump off a cliff and he is forced to leave in search for work. The girl’s uncle leaves her his estate and farm. What happens when the shepherd lands a job working in the farm that the girl is now a mistress of.

During the weekend I wanted to watch a sweet and simple love story. This is what came to my mind and it’s exactly what I watched.

The movie is an adaptation of the novel by Thomas Hardy; apparently his fourth novel, which I haven’t read as yet, so I am so in love with this movie, which may not the case after I read the novel. Coz as usual, novels are always (mostly) better than their movie counterparts.
0022bmatthias2bschoenaerts2bas2bgabriel2boakI love how Gabriel Oak, known as Mr. Oak during most of the movie, doesn’t abandon Bathsheba even when she does the most stupidest thing possible, even after Mr. Oak tells her she shouldn’t. Later she herself admits it was a huge mistake, but he doesn’t admonish her for it. He just says – ‘Go to bed, I’ll finish it on my own‘. The ‘it’ meaning covering hay stacks before impending rain could ruin them. Matthias Schoenaerts – was good in this character. I loved the way he tried to look humble by looking down and not having direct eye contact with the people giving orders.
maxresdefaultBathsheba Everdeen- the independent, free spirited woman, seems to just want to play the field but doesn’t want to marry until she meets a particular person who has her feelings in a riot. That’s when she gets married in a hurry. Carey Mulligan was good as Bathsheba. It’s kind of understandable, being young and an owner of a farm and lands; you don’t want to go, get married to someone and get your power taken away from you. I loved that her character got involved in most of the activities in her farm even though she was the Mistress. Her line to the shepherd- ‘If I ever were to marry I’d want someone to tame me, and you’d never be able to do it‘. Applause please !
mv5bmjiyntmzmja4nf5bml5banbnxkftztgwnzmynze1nde-_v1_cr060640360_al_ux477_cr00477268_al_Mr. Bloomwood’s character, I can’t really wrap my mind around why he did what he did. He was jilted by some old love of his, yeah. He wanted stability in his life, yeah. So, he kept proposing to Bathsheba, makes sense too. He almost seemed desperate to settle down.

madding-crowd5-e1431934665958Frank Troy and Fanny Robbin were victims of wrong timing. I can’t imagine how it felt to wait at the altar for your bride and she not arriving. I can also not imagine going to the wrong church for your wedding and realizing at the same time your fiance is waiting at another church.
Yeah, it will never happen in Goa, as the whole clan knows the where, when, who, why of a wedding.
The line Frank says to Bathsheba when she tells him not to kiss Fanny’s dead lips – ‘This woman, dead as she is, is more to me than you ever were, or are, or can be. You are nothing to me now‘.
According to me, being with Frank was like a slap to Bathsheba, bringing her down to Earth.
Summarizing, it is a good movie to watch when you crave a romantic movie on days spent inside your room, with it pouring outside. 😀

Anyone read the novel? Is it similar to this particular movie?


Movie Review: Annihilation (2018)


Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez

Directed by:
Alex Garland

Released on (India):
March 22/23 2018


The meteor that causes the Shimmer hitting the lighthouse.

A meteor strikes a lighthouse on Earth; which leads to a phenomenon called the “Shimmer” around the whole area. As months and years pass by, this shimmer increases in area encroaching on vast swamps. The army has sent many teams into the Shimmer but they never come back; and contact with the teams is lost almost as soon as they enter the Shimmer.
The army now collects a team of female scientists, given the task of reaching the lighthouse and coming back. One of the ladies is a former soldier, whose husband is the only person to have come out of the Shimmer.

The team heading towards the Shimmer.


Hey I just found out this, the movie is based on a novel by Jeff VanderMeer. I have not yet read any of his books, but I think I ought to. Just as a gift to my imagination.
The movie was amazing to watch. The Shimmer with its surrounding multi color hues; the inside was even more beautiful, with all the pretty flowers. The animals are something I don’t want to discuss as they would be spoilers but Whoa! The whole idea about the Shimmer is Whoa!
It was pretty slow though and there were times I found myself looking at the clock instead of being engrossed in the movie. The dance/fight scene between Lena and the thing was boring, irritating and weird; or maybe it was the score that was playing in the background which I found even more irritating.
I am not really a fan of Natalie Portman, so I pretty much didn’t like any of her scenes. It was good to see Jennifer Leigh in a serious role. The only other place I have seen her in is Atypical, a comedy series where she plays the mother of an autistic high-schooler.
These science fiction movies! you can never really get an answer to your questions, like what happened to Ventress? Did Josie actually become those humanoid plant structures? What mutation was the animal that attacked Sheppard. She was a good character, why did they kill her off first?
Maybe I should read the trilogy and find out for myself what exactly is going on! or I may end up with even more questions!!!

Movies: 24th-25th March

Due to my internet connection not being in working condition, I spent most of my weekend TV channel surfing.

Saturday, watched some episodes of How I Met Your Mother (the episode that Barney shows the group his video resume and Robin gets to stay in the US. Yayyy!).
Everything is Possimpible! 😀


I also watched an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine S05E12 (Safe House), where Jake and Kevin are forced to stay in a safe house by Ray. which had me laughing out loud. I especially loved the ending, where Jake and Kevin, Ray’s husband discuss Nicholas Cage’s movies; and how Jake held back movies Kevin would actually have loved to watch. 😀 😀 😀


Yesterday, Sunday, at sharp 9 p.m., Split premiered on a channel. It stars James McAvoy (x24) 😀 as Kevin Crumb, with a condition called DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder); he has 23 different personalities. My aunt and I spent the whole time the movie was on, glued to the TV screen; sprinting to complete our tasks during the breaks. James McAvoy has portrayed all the alter-egos perfectly and as creepily as required for the role.
split_282017_film29The shock I got when I realised the ‘they’ that Hedwig kept mentioning when he said that ‘they’ always made fun of him, were not the people around him, but actually the other 20 personalities. Patricia was the most creepiest according to me. After the Beast.

BTW, Split is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Movies: 10th-11th March

Friday night, I started the weekend with a few Blacklist episodes from Season 3.

download (1)

As compared to Season 1, S3 is pretty slow and it doesn’t quite hold the attention as the 1st or 2nd one did. I’m hoping it gets more exciting if I ever plan to finish watching the series.
The episodes I watched ended with Keen and Reddington on a cargo ship.
Oooo so exciting ! mehh!

the_snowman_28201729_poster Saturday, I watched The Snowman, starring Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Fergusson.

The opening sequence was a shock. Mostly it was multiple shocks, ending with a huge shock – a son standing next to his mom’s car while it gets submerged into icy cold water. And the mom doesn’t want to get out! Was that a spoiler? :S

The killings are gruesome, but I like these type of thrillers that give me a chance to guess who could be the killer.

I followed Snowman with a movie I found on YouTube – Lucky in Love.

Yeah, I completely changed the genre from thriller to romance. But, I wanted to watch something light that wouldn’t weigh my mind down like Snowman.
The movie is about a woman dreaming about a better job, flat, and partner. To her surprise, she gets all the things she wanted. This part of the movie was pretty cliche but then they show how she handles her new responsibilities and such.
It really is a good, light movie.
But, like the comments on YouTube, no boss is that forgiving or are they? :S
Her sister is so perfectly portrayed! ❤ Anyone who watched this movie, did you notice the huge number of dimples on the screen? 😀 Almost every character had one!
I am really looking forward to watching more Hallmark movies <3<3<3

Sunday; yesterday I was TV channel surfing and out of Jurassic World, Shanghai Nights, Death Race and Love Actually, I got stuck on Love Actually.

I need to say this aloud – I have not watched Love Actually. Yes, one of the most talked-about romance movies and I haven’t watched it! That’s not going to be the case soon.

I watched some scenes – Hugh Grant dancing (when I was muttering, “Please don’t, Please don’t dance”), Liam Neeson coming through the doors shouting praises at Sam, his son.

Those and many more scenes made me want to watch the movie. The movie is jam packed with leading stars.

Movies: 3rd-4th March

These days my weekends are spent watching at the max of 5 movies.

Friday, I started the weekend by completing Blacklist Season 2, to be precise the last 3 episodes. My friend, Twinie had prepared me for the surprise in the finale but the person I was least expecting got shot; so the little spoiler didn’t really do its trick.

Anyone watching the last episodes, someone gets shot by SOMEONE. someone comes to know he was being made “ill”. I just wish they gave more important to Ressler. He is a good character. 😐 Get rid of Tom Keen already. 

Saturday, watched a movie I downloaded just to watch Jamie Dornan 😁 Yeah, honesty is the best. The 9th Life of Louis Drax. Okay, this movie is not what I expected it would be. It looked to be more in the Science fiction genre, but it is totally something different. It reminded me a lot about A Monster Calls. 

Aaron Paul gave a good performance as Louis’s father. He will always remind me of Breaking Bad. ❤

Sunday, today, started watching The Giver, which was to be (again) honest, a bit tiring to watch. It’s like all those in-a-beautiful-organized-community-but-have-need-to-break-every-rule-and-generate-chaos type of movies. The clichéd teenager saves the day movie. 😒

Series: Vikings & Outlander

Last month, I started watching two popular series – Vikings & Outlander.

VIKINGS (Seasons 1 – 4)
IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

(L-R) Rollo Lothbrok, Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha Lothbrok

The series is based on the life of a Viking – King Ragnar Lothbrok; his rise to fame, his many conquests/failures and sons. During his lifetime he is married twice, defeats armies in at least 2-3 battles in foreign lands, rises from a mere farmer to a King and has 5 sons, who grow up to be even more famous. 

Season 5 releasing November 2017. 

OUTLANDER (Seasons 1 – 2)
IMDB Rating: 8.5/10

(L-R) The hand is Frank Randall. Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser. James (Jamie) Fraser

The series is based on a novel series by Diana Gabaldon. It’s about an army nurse – Claire Beauchamp Randall, from the 1940s, who is magically transported to the 1700s – at the start of a Scottish uprising.

Season 3 currently being released.

Anyone missing Game of Thrones should definitely watch these two series.
Though I can’t promise the series contains the same amount of betrayal and treachery, they make up in story and action. and romance. and friendship.

Movie Review: Braveheart (1995)

Director: Mel Gibson
Actor: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Catherine McCormack


A Scot fights for the freedom of his people i.e. the Scots, after his wife is killed by English soldiers.


During the whole course of the movie, you get to enjoy the beautiful views of Scotland. Mel Gibson has played his role as William Wallace to perfection. The battles had me closing my eyes, which is exactly the expected reaction to any medieval battle scene. I was especially laughing out aloud during the scene where they bare their privates at the English before the battle. I loved the bagpipes playing every once in awhile. I am in LOVE with the Scottish accent! No in the naaw!


The whole storyline could have been a true story in my mind till the French princess goes and falls in love with Wallace. Seriously? Maybe they didn’t want to make the movie just perfect. Other than that, to my amateur eye, I couldn’t find any other flaw. Though their accents seemed to shift from Scottish to the British accent easily, even though it was a Scot like Wallace talking.

Reason I watched

It was always on my to-watch list and on many to-watch lists online. Who can forget that one scene, “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEEEEDOM!!!!!!”.

Would I recommend you to watch?

Well, you need to understand their Scottish accent. The movie is set in the 1300s, so expect a medieval wardrobe. Sit through almost 3 hours of the movie without dozing. Watch Wallace romance 2 ladies. Watch gory battles. Watch horses being killed and stabbed. If you can bear all the above mentioned hurdles, I would definitely recommend this movie! It was a really good movie.
It’s funny how movies released a century ago can still affect us (me mostly).

Movie Review: Tum Bin II

My friends are going to be so annoyed that I wrote this but I watched it coz they told me it was good, and this is what I felt about the whole 2 hours of the movie:
Did you ever watch a movie where during the whole movie you are thinking, “Why am I watching this?”. You keep forwarding the scenes. The movie is so slow, you find yourself actually counting the number of tears dripping from the actress’s chin (sorry exaggerating a bit). Like, Come ON! The protagonist doesn’t have any say in any matter. The guy says no you don’t like me, you like him. And she sits and cries again. Make up your MIND! Its Amar! No, it’s Shekar, Noooooo, it’s Amar! No, it’s Shekar! But all the while it’s Amar !!
I couldn’t bear to watch the ending ! Why put people through the torture ! Oh, and it’s based on the same plot as the first one. Which my friend explained to us happily. Waah! waah!
Okay I must say this, the guy playing Shekar did some good acting (except the time he drunk danced 😂 ). Neha Sharma was amazing! Acting was good, looked amazing too. Though she could have toned down the fast/slow motion running, (there are 2 scenes where she’s chasing “Amar”).
Though the plot was very engrossing, the writer should have written less lines. What’s with the snow scenes ? :s

Movie Review: Point Break(2015)


Director: Ericson Core
Actors: Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Teresa Palmer.

A review after countless months!
You know how die-hard readers keep hoarding new books but don’t really get the time to read them later? *sheepish smile” (I do that); but right now I’m suffering from reader’s block so I am currently only a die-hard movie/series fan. I hoard movies from friends, colleagues and countrymen; but sometimes I don’t watch certain movies; I discriminate them based on their name, their actors. One weekend was a tad monotonous so, I dug into my movie collection and watched this movie – Point Break – the 2015 version.

Johnny, an FBI agent, befriends a gang of extreme sports athletes who use their skills to pull off heists. However, his plan to expose them hits a roadblock when he starts enjoying the lifestyle.
– Google

Ignore the ratings set by IMDB or anyone for that matter, and watch this movie. I hadn’t heard about this movie earlier, so I didn’t bother even giving it a second thought when I wanted to watch a good movie. But, when I did watch it, I LoVeD it! The suspense, the breath-taking views, and something different from all the romantic chick flicks. (i know, i know, i love those chick flicks too)

Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez were amazing in their respective roles and as usual I love the “villains” so, soon after the movie ended, I rushed to find out who was the guy called Bodhi😍
Even if you have watched the earlier version of this movie, you should give this one a try too! ☺

Movie Review: God’s Not Dead (2014)

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts; I am a Catholic. But, I do get lost sometimes and like to believe I would fare better as an Atheist. Everything will be much better if I just stop believing in some greater power. This movie made me rethink that.
It is a Christian movie about how when freshmen are made to acknowledge that God is dead by their philosophy professor, one among them is unable to carry out that task. He risks everything; even his relationship and his dream of being a lawyer to fight for his faith. It showcases the lives of 8 characters: Josh (the Christian freshman), A Chinese freshman, Aisha (a Muslim student), Jeffrey Radisson (the Atheist professor), Mina (his Christian girlfriend), Amy (A blogger), her Atheist boyfriend, David (A pastor). How they each react to their belief or lack of it.
I am not an advocate in people changing their religion to believe in God so the Aisha story was a little lost on me. God is a greater power that all religions believe in. God is a universal power. So, changing your religion defeats the purpose of your faith.
I asked a relative what they would do if they were made to perform the task of acknowledging that God is Dead, and their prompt reply was that they would do it; it just goes to show the decreasing hold of religion on the new generations. God would just be a name in a few more generations. Why oh why is it so hard to say I believe in God without looking like a fool? It’s like saying, “Aliens exist!”. Some people will nod seriously and agree. Others will just stare at you with a shocked expression and then laugh thinking you were just kidding.
The scene I loved the most was between Mina’s brother and mother. Here goes:

Mark (to his mother): You prayed and believed your whole life. Never done anything wrong. And here you are. You’re the nicest person I know. I am the meanest. You have dementia. My life is perfect. Explain that to me!
Mina’s Mother: Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God. Their sin is like a jail cell, except it is all nice and comfy and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to leave. The door’s wide open. Till one day, time runs out, and the cell door slams shut, and suddenly it’s too late.

Some reviews say that this movie was made to be the right fodder for believers. It doesn’t make any sense to those that do not believe i.e. It doesn’t make its exact point. That God does indeed exist.
Well I would say, Belief is and should be each person’s own choice.
P.S. God is Not Dead!