I’m calling my mom. The irritating network operator message sounds, ‘Dial *121# for blah blah inquiries and blah blah 3G and 4G data offers’. Then the rings start – tring, tring, tring, tring. This goes on till the next message starts – ‘The user you are calling is not picking your call. Please try again later or record a message afger the beep.’

Yeah. Right! My mom is not picking MY call. That’s like the least most unlikeliest possibility in the history of possibilities.

So, I dial her again and go through the same series of irritating network messages, multiple trings and then the message of rejection.

Now I get scared. Why is mummy not answering? Did something happen? I decide to give her time to call me back.

1minute.. 2 minutes.. 3 minutes… no call back… 5 minutes.. she was last seen at 7.11pm. It’s now 9.45pm.

Then I decide it’s time to panic so I call my Dad. The same procedure. I dial Daddy’s number, listen to ‘Dial *121#…….’, tring, tring, and just when I think daddy’s not answering too, I hear a hello at the other end. Mummmmmy!!! ❤

That’s the moment when I almost understood what my mom goes through when I’m late and don’t pick her calls.

Is it just me or does everyone get irritated by the fact that the network operators have to broadcast their promotional mesa ages before every. single. call that a user makes?

Like I’m dying, lying on the street somewhere bleeding and with my last bit of energy I call the ambulance and I get ‘Dial *121# for balance inquiries …..’. I think I would just give up right there.



Last Sunday, I got a new badge. I’m now officially the Godmother of a cute, little, grinning baby girl. The one I lovingly call Pearl. ❤ 

She’s the pearl of all our eyes. 😍

As Sunday was a big day for all of us, we had a session with our Parish priest the previous day. He explained to us the what’s and why’s of the sacrament. Then he gave us a talk on how it is now our responsibility. Normally we just think-‘They are the parents, let them worry about the kid’. But, the father then turned to me and said, ‘As the godmother it your duty to correct her parents if you feel they are guiding her the wrong way. Your duty to correct her if she goes on any wrong path.’

Okay, what I expected when the parents told me that they would name me as the godmother was, maybe be there for the kid. I have no model exactly on what a good godmother should be. Haven’t met mine for decades. 

I only hope I do right by my Godchild. 😊

Saying NO!

Event in office.
A lady from the HR tells me to help with a counter, I say, “Okay”.
She tells me to help with the coupon counter too, “Okay”
She later tells me to help in distribution of sweets, “Okay”
A colleague at the same time says, “Please help with photographs”. As usual I say “Okay”.

An onlooking acquaintance remarks, “Carol, Learn to say NO!”.

Gonna be three years now, guess I haven’t learned my lesson yet.

Tattoo Dreams

I recieved a complaint from a friend that I rarely post anything but sad posts. So, from today onward I will try to post happy thoughts and hopefully spread happy vibes. 😀
So, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts….

Had a nice time (ahem happy time) talking to the friend about tattoo ideas. And being
a person who makes instant decisions, she promptly fell in love with one particular design and decided to have it tattooed as soon as possible. That sort of instant decision making is something I want to strive for! I had decided the design I wanted tattooed on my hand a year back. As the months went by, I changed the location of the to-be-tattoo design from  my left hand wrist -> my right hand thumb-> right hand forearm -> right hand inner elbow -> left hand inner elbow.

I went to the tattoo parlor along with a cousin, the design saved in my cell and the location decided – left hand inner elbow, coz apparently, the left hand blood vessels are connected directly to the heart, so has a higher significance and blah, blah, blah. I told the tattoo artist what and where I wanted the tattoo. The guy basically said No to my idea. As I wanted the word to be tattooed facing me, Come On! I want to read it! What in hell would be the reason to get tattooed if others can read it and I’m stuck staring at the upside down version of it?

We then showed him images online, which had the same tattoo but at the wrist. so, after all the changes in location, I got the tattoo done on the same location I had decided a year back! 😀 Fun to be ME! 😀

My tattoo pic:


Yes, that’s my hand, my left wrist to be precise.

Why the ‘Believe’ you would ask?

Well, I have many things I need to believe in. Firstly, Believe in myself. Believe in tomorrow. Believe in many more things.
Have a great Friday. 🙂

5 year rule?

If it isn’t going to matter 5 years (or even a year) from now, then you don’t have to beat yourself about it now.
Yesterday I met one of my first friends from college, Ms. Vaz. Last I saw her was in college and that was 3 years back! We stayed in contact through calls, WhatsApp and such but, long talks, face to face, is what the soul really needs. 😁
I have to say this, that girl knows more about me, and what I supposedly said, more than me!
We discussed all the different “events” that happened in college. The fights, the laughs, the bunking of classes. I think we covered everything 😂 half of which has already slipped my mind.
Things which affected me badly at that time, don’t really have any effect on me right now. I have handled much worse now.
So, this is me telling myself, “Shut up! Stop whining! You will forget about whatever it is you are whining about right now in a year! So save your whining for something worth your time and energy!”.
As Freddie Mercury likes to sing, “Nothing really Matters!!!”. 😁


Those conversations that you wish would never finish!
You continue talking about things;
that you would never bother bringing up
anytime else.
But, you want this conversation
to continue forever.
It has to.
If it finishes,
when would be the next time
we would get a chance to talk?
Just the two of us?
So, you bring out all the unnecessary details
in your life
and hope the other catches the hint
and stays to chat.
Just the two of us.
Catch their eyes roaming about your face
while you too do the same
and a smile on their face
is immediately mimicked onto mine.
Hating the moment when the world
catches up with us
and it’s time to say, “okay, bye! :)”
and pretend I haven’t been holding my breath
all the while.

Dedication: Twinie:)

Today I’m going to dedicate a post to a very special person. Okay let’s get rid of the suspense – this post is dedicated to Twinie. (I had posted a spam post earlier)
I call her that coz we both share the same birthday 😁 We found out that fact in the funniest way possible!

The first time we met we were playing a game during a Soft Skills class. We had to order the members of our teams, according to our birthdays, by hand signals.  Haha! that moment still makes me laugh; how we were both signalling the same birth date and I was confused! Like why is someone copying me? 😂

Let me tell you some facts about my Twin:
1) She is the strongest; but like a coconut, she’s all mellow inside.
2) She is down to earth. Truly.
3) She is the one in my group who I can expect a good thrashing from if I do anything wrong but I still tell her everything.
Our first desks at office were adjacent so whenever my head felt heavy for my neck, I would just lay it on her shoulder. Then working on the same project.
It was those starting few days of our friendship that bonded us. Actually made me depend on her from time to time.
Well, don’t get too excited, she is my friend. The bestest anyone could ask for. Need advice? I go to twinie. Need a good shouting? I go to twinie. Just need someone to listen? I still go to twinie. Need to be nudged in the right direction? Call the twinie! Yeah, she’s the one I need. Need to be consoled? Twinie.
Her “Good Morning Twinie”s start my day and without a “Good Night Twinie” from her my day doesn’t end. Though i tend to doze off sometimes before the goodnight message. Okay, okay, this is getting way romantic but that’s who she is, and what I love about her.
I would like to thank her for always having my back. Always knowing when to push me, when to let go, when I need a shoulder to lay my head on.
Three years and counting.

Ramblings: (07/08/16)

After a long weekend of travelling; my beloved car finally got a chance to be pampered and shine yesterday. 😁
We had Ganesh Chaturthi holidays here, so Saturday till Tuesday, I was chilling.


Shweta and I left early in the morning to visit our bestie, Pooja in North Goa. There we chilled; like actually chilled while they cooked lunch and pampered us with chakli, besan ke laddu and nevrios. Then after the yummy lunch which included butterscotch ice cream; we were so stuffed that we couldn’t breathe even a little. Then all the three of us went to another friend’s house, where we chilled a little more! 😀

Monkeys chilling near my friend’s house.


My aunt stays in Canacona, a city in South Goa. So, my other two aunts, one cousin et moi travelled there by car. We stopped at many places, to click pics of the amazing landscapes and views!

Meet Mitu 😀


Rock Formations on a beach in Canacona


Some friends and I travelled (by car) all the way to Ashvem beach, where we had lunch at a shack, then walked on the beach, did a little photoshoot. Then we decided to visit a fort which is further north, Tiracol Fort. I kinda freaked the others by forgetting to fill up on fuel, so there we were roaming in an area which one friend kept muttering was devoid of petrol pumps!

A Chapel inside the fort


Music List: (29/8/16)

Well these are my current favorites! 🙂

  1. Gareth Emery ft. Bo Bruce – U ( W & W Remix)
    No, I didn’t pray to God;
    No, I never saw the light;
    No, I didn’t watch my life go flashing right before my eyes;
    No, I didn’t do the things that they all said that I would do;
    I just closed my eyes and all I saw was you!
  2. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons – Sucker for Pain
  3. Grace ft. G-Easy – You Don’t Own Me
    I LOVE this I’m just crazy about it ! @KT: I listened to the original version but once you listen to a newer version; I guess the original sound less?
    Don’t tell me what to do;
    Don’t tell me what to say;
    and please when I go out with you;
    Don’t put me on display!!
  4. Meghan Trainor – Me Too
    Who’s that sexy thing I see over there?
    That’s me, standing in the mirror!
    Ufff!! her attitude!
  5. Major Lazer – Cold Water
  6. Omi – Hula Hoop
    This is one of those crazy dance songs played during wedding receptions in Goa, where everyone goes crazy 😀 Hula hula Hoop!!

Deo or Dio?

Recently, a friend of ours narrated to us a conversation that he had with a colleague. Here goes:

Colleague: You have deo?
Friend: No, I have an Activa.
Colleague: ok
Colleague: do you have a deo?
Friend: No, activa
Colleague: You use deodorant?
Friend: yep
Colleague: My shoes are smelling.
Friend: Oh ok.
Colleague: Can I have your deo please?
Friend: I have an activa.
Colleague: ??
Colleague: Do you have a deodorant?
Nik: Nope

Not really sure when he realized his mistake but we were laughing like crazy when he was telling us his conversation (with joy) . 😀 😀 😀

FYI – we have a scooter: Dio in India. One of the most common scooters around at least to my knowledge. Activa is another.