Crazy chats 😁

So, I was feeling pretty down, sitting in bed just browsing through Facebook posts.

That’s when I get a message from a friend, ‘there?’. Not knowing how to sanely answer that one-worded question, I replied with a question of my own. 😂

Made me laugh out loud and for a moment forgot that I was feeling pretty much alone. 😁😂

With certain friends you can just get crazy with no regrets whatsoever ! ❤


Coding ABBA

I love those jokes that only certain people would understand. The following one is for unix users && those who know some ABBA songs.

Today I came across a query on StackOverflow, where a user was having an issue with the man command in his code. The issue? Well, the man command would give a result – ‘gimme gimme gimme’ at 00:30. As expected, the user sounds very puzzled with the result. 😀

In Unix, most programs, and many protocols, functions, and file formats, have accompanying manuals. With the man command, you can retrieve the information in the manual and display it as text output on your screen.

If you go through the replies, a friend of the developer for the man command had this to say:

The maintainer of man is a good friend of mine, and one day six years ago I jokingly said to him that if you invoke man after midnight it should print “gimme gimme gimme”, because of the Abba song called “Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight”

This is what the developer had to say:

I’m glad that it made some people smile, which after all was the whole purpose of it, and my Twitter notifications and so on today suggest that most people thought it was more amusing than annoying. Still, some people did find it annoying, and six years seems like a pretty good run for that sort of thing; it probably isn’t going to get significantly better exposure than it already unexpectedly has by way of this question. Time to put it to bed.

Just imagine having a friend who would actually implement something that you simply suggested as a joke! What fun! 😀

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! a man after midnight!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Check out the link:

Decisions (Wedding edition)

Decisions decisions. Let me clear a doubt. Not my wedding decision. 

The scene: My aunt and uncle brought me along to a wedding reception. I don’t know the couple, have never seen them before in my life but yes I have shamelessly hogged on their wedding lunch. The decision now is:

Do I go ahead and run up the stairs to wish a couple who wouldn’t even know I existed before that particular moment and risk being added into their photo album as “that” girl who both can’t recognize. 


Do I wait below the stage and look as my aunt and uncle wish the couple, while I cheekily click their photo, when I know that I have gulped down a plate of free food and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream without even bothering to wish the couple who financed the whole thing.

Worth It !

The best part of trying hard to change something in your life is when you get a positive comment from a dear friend.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am currently trying to lose some kilos from my overweight body by controlling my eating habits while increasing my exercises which mainly includes cardio – walking/running on the treadmill, or the occasional walks on our beaches.

Yeah, I have cheated a lot on my ‘diet’, by allowing a few lot indulgences but as I am sure I will not be following this controlled ‘diet’ forever, I am keeping myself open to eat anything my heart tummy desires. Then, there are days when I don’t want to even enter a gym or get out of bed during weekends, the ‘gym-break’ days. 😁😉Those days include the days when my legs are ready to fall off my body when I think about the treadmill. 😁😜

I know I have made a difference to myself and am very proud of my effort till now, but what makes it all the more worth it, is when someone notices. 😊


I’m calling my mom. The irritating network operator message sounds, ‘Dial *121# for blah blah inquiries and blah blah 3G and 4G data offers’. Then the rings start – tring, tring, tring, tring. This goes on till the next message starts – ‘The user you are calling is not picking your call. Please try again later or record a message afger the beep.’

Yeah. Right! My mom is not picking MY call. That’s like the least most unlikeliest possibility in the history of possibilities.

So, I dial her again and go through the same series of irritating network messages, multiple trings and then the message of rejection.

Now I get scared. Why is mummy not answering? Did something happen? I decide to give her time to call me back.

1minute.. 2 minutes.. 3 minutes… no call back… 5 minutes.. she was last seen at 7.11pm. It’s now 9.45pm.

Then I decide it’s time to panic so I call my Dad. The same procedure. I dial Daddy’s number, listen to ‘Dial *121#…….’, tring, tring, and just when I think daddy’s not answering too, I hear a hello at the other end. Mummmmmy!!! ❤

That’s the moment when I almost understood what my mom goes through when I’m late and don’t pick her calls.

Is it just me or does everyone get irritated by the fact that the network operators have to broadcast their promotional mesa ages before every. single. call that a user makes?

Like I’m dying, lying on the street somewhere bleeding and with my last bit of energy I call the ambulance and I get ‘Dial *121# for balance inquiries …..’. I think I would just give up right there.


Last Sunday, I got a new badge. I’m now officially the Godmother of a cute, little, grinning baby girl. The one I lovingly call Pearl. ❤ 

She’s the pearl of all our eyes. 😍

As Sunday was a big day for all of us, we had a session with our Parish priest the previous day. He explained to us the what’s and why’s of the sacrament. Then he gave us a talk on how it is now our responsibility. Normally we just think-‘They are the parents, let them worry about the kid’. But, the father then turned to me and said, ‘As the godmother it your duty to correct her parents if you feel they are guiding her the wrong way. Your duty to correct her if she goes on any wrong path.’

Okay, what I expected when the parents told me that they would name me as the godmother was, maybe be there for the kid. I have no model exactly on what a good godmother should be. Haven’t met mine for decades. 

I only hope I do right by my Godchild. 😊

Saying NO!

Event in office.
A lady from the HR tells me to help with a counter, I say, “Okay”.
She tells me to help with the coupon counter too, “Okay”
She later tells me to help in distribution of sweets, “Okay”
A colleague at the same time says, “Please help with photographs”. As usual I say “Okay”.

An onlooking acquaintance remarks, “Carol, Learn to say NO!”.

Gonna be three years now, guess I haven’t learned my lesson yet.

Tattoo Dreams

I recieved a complaint from a friend that I rarely post anything but sad posts. So, from today onward I will try to post happy thoughts and hopefully spread happy vibes. 😀
So, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts….

Had a nice time (ahem happy time) talking to the friend about tattoo ideas. And being
a person who makes instant decisions, she promptly fell in love with one particular design and decided to have it tattooed as soon as possible. That sort of instant decision making is something I want to strive for! I had decided the design I wanted tattooed on my hand a year back. As the months went by, I changed the location of the to-be-tattoo design from  my left hand wrist -> my right hand thumb-> right hand forearm -> right hand inner elbow -> left hand inner elbow.

I went to the tattoo parlor along with a cousin, the design saved in my cell and the location decided – left hand inner elbow, coz apparently, the left hand blood vessels are connected directly to the heart, so has a higher significance and blah, blah, blah. I told the tattoo artist what and where I wanted the tattoo. The guy basically said No to my idea. As I wanted the word to be tattooed facing me, Come On! I want to read it! What in hell would be the reason to get tattooed if others can read it and I’m stuck staring at the upside down version of it?

We then showed him images online, which had the same tattoo but at the wrist. so, after all the changes in location, I got the tattoo done on the same location I had decided a year back! 😀 Fun to be ME! 😀

My tattoo pic:


Yes, that’s my hand, my left wrist to be precise.

Why the ‘Believe’ you would ask?

Well, I have many things I need to believe in. Firstly, Believe in myself. Believe in tomorrow. Believe in many more things.
Have a great Friday. 🙂

5 year rule?

If it isn’t going to matter 5 years (or even a year) from now, then you don’t have to beat yourself about it now.
Yesterday I met one of my first friends from college, Ms. Vaz. Last I saw her was in college and that was 3 years back! We stayed in contact through calls, WhatsApp and such but, long talks, face to face, is what the soul really needs. 😁
I have to say this, that girl knows more about me, and what I supposedly said, more than me!
We discussed all the different “events” that happened in college. The fights, the laughs, the bunking of classes. I think we covered everything 😂 half of which has already slipped my mind.
Things which affected me badly at that time, don’t really have any effect on me right now. I have handled much worse now.
So, this is me telling myself, “Shut up! Stop whining! You will forget about whatever it is you are whining about right now in a year! So save your whining for something worth your time and energy!”.
As Freddie Mercury likes to sing, “Nothing really Matters!!!”. 😁


Those conversations that you wish would never finish!
You continue talking about things;
that you would never bother bringing up
anytime else.
But, you want this conversation
to continue forever.
It has to.
If it finishes,
when would be the next time
we would get a chance to talk?
Just the two of us?
So, you bring out all the unnecessary details
in your life
and hope the other catches the hint
and stays to chat.
Just the two of us.
Catch their eyes roaming about your face
while you too do the same
and a smile on their face
is immediately mimicked onto mine.
Hating the moment when the world
catches up with us
and it’s time to say, “okay, bye! :)”
and pretend I haven’t been holding my breath
all the while.