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Just for reads – 1

“I am driving back home via a dark road. There’s an old lady standing ahead at the side of the road. She’s dusting all cars that pass with some sort of ash or maybe sand. I don’t want that on my car. So, I stop next to her and say, Don’t do that! Don’t throw that on my car!
Looking at her face, I can make out she’s angry. Very angry. I decide to ignore her anger and continue driving to my home, which is just around the corner.
I look through the rear view mirror and I see the old lady still glaring at me. I get scared now, and somehow manage to mix up my gears. And the car splutters to a stop. I look back and see her start running toward the car, and the way she does that seems to be with her both arms and legs. I start fiddling with my gears, trying to put it in first gear. I get the car started and move ahead fast, with the lady still following. I turn the corner and head towards my home. I park the car, look behind and notice in relief that the lady isn’t anywhere in sight.
I enter my home, say hi to mom, and lie down on the sofa. That was a heck of a day!
Ting-Tong goes the bell!
I hear mom go to the door to open it and talking sweetly to someone. The next moment she comes into the hall. She says, Carol see who’s come. This lady was asking for you. You know her?
In shock I get up to see the old lady standing behind mom. The minute I see her, she gives me a wicked smile and then vanishes into thin air!”
That’s the moment I wake up from my sleep with a start, sweating and shivering badly. The more I think about it, the more worse the nightmare gets. Like instead of running behind my car, the old lady jumps on my car in one long jump, then jumps ahead of my car and then vanishes. Like she knows exactly what I would be scared of.
I look at the time. 11:30pm. Whole night to go and I caught an early show of my scariest nightmare. Tsk-Tsk.

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Dreaming away

Waking up in the morning (or rather getting shocked into reality by the irritating alarm), just counting the hours till I can sleep again. It’s like I am hoping that the hours and the day’s activities just completely get skipped or fast forward till I can go back to sleep.
I know, I know, I sound like the laziest person around. Yeah, I am. It’s so easy to just forget everything while sleeping. Forget confrontations, problems,  bank work 😣. Why go through all that when I can just be lying on my bed, dreaming up a nice life for me.
Dreams are necessary too, right?

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This is a fairly unnecessary topic, but I felt I should just comment on it a bit. You know the first time you meet a person, a stranger who you have no idea likes or dislikes what you have to offer. But, the first smile shared between two individuals brings to peace all the internal turmoil. Everything will be just fine.
A smile is the beginning and continuation of the most beautiful things. It could be friendships, love, or just a passing smile from a stranger which could brighten your day a little more.
A smile signifies that a friend isn’t angry anymore. That mom and dad are happy to see you bumbling around the house. While a sibling is discussing a mutual interest. A smile could trigger so many feelings inside.
Just a beautiful smile. 🙂
Keep smiling always!

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Marriage (take 1)

Why does marrying into the same religion, caste and place of origin matter?
Finding a decent partner in this world is a greater chore by itself. Now add to that another huge chore of matching 3 main criteria – religion, place of origin and caste. Our parents must have broken some rules when they married. I know for a fact that my parents battled my grandparents to get married as theirs was a love marriage, when the norm was arranged marriages. Yet, my parents don’t realize what they are doing when they say that if we marry into a different blah, blah, blah, they will never be able to face society again. In the age of same-sex marriages, we are made to listen to emotional lectures (including sobbing) of not falling in love with people of “other” religions. If the religion is not a barrier, next comes place of origin.
It’s not that they have the wrong intentions for us. Not at all. They are only thinking about our future. When mainly the failed marriages are paraded to society, obviously our parents fear for their children when they want only the best for us. Can’t really blame them. I will “hopefully” follow their instructions (I fought for minor things and gave up, this would be a bigger fight) but I have made up my mind that I wouldn’t set any such rules for my own kids.

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Ramblings – 15/02/2017

In the heat (cold?) of nostalgia, I message a friend, “I really miss you being around here”. I wait for 5 mins, 15 mins, half an hour and then an hour. No reply. Obviously the nostalgia is gone by the time she replies.

No one really knows how much they mean to someone be it – a pet, a close friend, a parent or a sibling.

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Elusive me

“There was a girl who felt trapped in her shy persona. Every time she tried to share her opinion, it either sounded wrong, or no one lent her their ears. She was in search of an outlet to vent out her deepest emotions. The things that stirred her, the amazing memories that enlightened her. She found that outlet and she liked that someone out there could share in her happiness or pain. But that girl was sharing her emotions  and feelings; not something that she usually went out doling out to people on a normal basis.”

That girl is me – the elusive (at least I like to think so 😛 ) Carol. I think I should have called myself a lady 😀 Though I may have many things to say and think on this blog, I am reserved when you meet me face to face. Like my friend likes to say – I am Carol, a social introvert, comfortable around people I know, shy with new people and I kinda freeze when it comes to my crushes – robotic behavior. Exact copy-paste Thwe. 😀
So, meeting people with whom I have only interacted with virtually is a whole new level for me.

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The 2016/17 tag

I think this would be the fastest I have replied to anything – a nomination/tag. 😀
Savio! Thanks for the tag.

~ Describe 2016 in 3 words.
Hope. Belief. Denial.

~ Two people who have characterized your 2016
1. A close friend – At the start of 2016, I had a really close friend. Within the first six months, something happened, and I realized that sometimes we can’t always rely on the ones closest to you. Yeah, I am the one that couldn’t be relied on. We have our own reasons for being the people that we are and for the decisions that we make. I have my reasons.
I haven’t made any new friends or acquintances last year so the second person has to be someone who’s been around the longest.
2. My Aunt – She almost always ends a discussion with, “Sodd ti khobor, amka podlena te”/ “Leave it, it’s not our business”. Whatever happens in other people’s lives is none of our business unless they approach us about it.

~ Most beautiful place visited in 2016 and why?
Well I didn’t travel much other than Goa and Ajman.
The most beautiful place. Hmm… It should be our local Goan beach early in the morning with no one around. Just me and some friends. Listening to the lap of the waves.
It could also be when the pilot of our flight to Goa decides to give us an amazing view of Burj Khalifa in the night. AMaZing!

~ Most delicious food I’ve had in 2016
Okay, I’m not sure what’s up with me. But, I eat for sustenance. Like, chicken this, chicken that, is all chicken to me.
But the one dish that can make my brother and I crazy is my mom’s Sorpatel. Most people wouldn’t like it. But, there are days when we have Sorpatel for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 😂 Nothing stands even close to my mom’s Sorpatel. 😋

~ Finest purchase in 2016
The watches I bought mom dad for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. My first present to my parents. It makes me so happy to see them wear those watches only during special occasions. ❤

~ 3 good intentions for 2017
May 2017 make us all:
– physically healthy.
– wealthy in loved ones.
– choose wisely.

~ Place I want to visit in 2017
I haven’t been to most places in Goa. So, I’ll try and cross out some more waterfalls and beaches.

~ Food I want to eat
I want to try Sushi and Lasagna and some nice yummy chicken wings. I have also been craving some nice yum bacon. Looks I’m going to gain a lot of extra weight this year! 😐😅

I nominate my usual nominees: Thwe, Jai, Muse
Anyone else interested could continue the tag too. 🙂

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Cliched Love

There is an ad for Jockey (innerwear brand). 😀
It shows a man chasing his girlfriend around in many places with a voiceover saying the following:

‘LOVE’ – like you have never
Loved before,
Like hers is the first face
you’ve seen
Like she’s the last woman alive
Stop thinking
start thinking.
Let Love make you fly
Let her run over or crush you
Love like that or ‘LET HER GO’

Just Wow! Kudos to the writer of this ad!
Could be the cliched dream of every person (or maybe only girls 😛 ) to find a fairytale love story but sometimes being too realistic makes life boring. 😀 I know who would agree with me. 😉

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Ramblings: 19/08/16

Nothing can define the HAPPINESS you feel once you see the end result – “Finished: SUCCESS” !!
and nothing can define the HORROR you feel when you accidently think your meeting has been preponed from coming Monday, to a few hours from now.

Happy Friday! 🙂