Ramblings: 8/4/2018

Today, my mom and I went to a shop. I sent her ahead so that I could park my scooter. After our purchase, we come out of the shop to see a car parked behind our scooter. 😐 

We tried at first to pull the scooter through the space that was available behind it. But, it was a failure. Though I love racing the bike around, I am at a loss while trying to maneuver a stationary scooter. I just lack the upper body strength for it.

So I pulled the scooter ahead and we decided to wait for sometime. And as usual my mom got upset with the waiting and she said let’s try again. After my multiple, “No, mummy it won’t work”, I got the scooter up from the side stand and my mom helped in maneuvering it from behind.

This place where we struggled with our scooter always, I mean day or night always, has some local Goans around. None of them lifted a finger. 

To my surprise, a tourist who was sitting on a chair at a coffee place, suddenly appeared next to my mom and started helping us. He helped by lifting the scooter slightly and with the maneuvering.

A tourist!

Yeah, I’m sure our Goan fellows must have been sniggering thinking things like, why ride a scooter if you can’t handle it. I don’t care. I’m concerned about the fact that an outsider, a tourist who is supposed to be lying around chilling during his holiday came to help, while the “Goenkars” were lounging on their plastic chairs.

Btw, the tourist had an amazing mandala tattoo on his hand. I’m sure getting one one day! Just because it really does look good. 


Generations wars

That moment when I try to have a serious conversation with my mother, and she while staring at her phone, giggles and says, “Salman Khan got 5 years in jail”. I’m here discussing the woes of learning new recipes when she isn’t around and all she has got to say in the form of a reply is about Salman Khan, a random actor who I really don’t give a damn about! And I am sure neither does she. 😐

And they say our generation is glued to their mobiles.

Ramblings: 29/03/2018

I start a conversation expecting some good insights or help in maybe sorting out the mess in my mind; and all I get is some illiterate, illogical mumbo jumbo which makes the mess in my mind worse than before. 

All I think during the conversation is how to stop it.

Is it just in India? Or is it in every family worldwide, that families are biased against certain relatives while they shower their love and sweet talk to other relatives however nonsensical their mentality seems to be.

Movies: 24th-25th March

Due to my internet connection not being in working condition, I spent most of my weekend TV channel surfing.

Saturday, watched some episodes of How I Met Your Mother (the episode that Barney shows the group his video resume and Robin gets to stay in the US. Yayyy!).
Everything is Possimpible! 😀


I also watched an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine S05E12 (Safe House), where Jake and Kevin are forced to stay in a safe house by Ray. which had me laughing out loud. I especially loved the ending, where Jake and Kevin, Ray’s husband discuss Nicholas Cage’s movies; and how Jake held back movies Kevin would actually have loved to watch. 😀 😀 😀


Yesterday, Sunday, at sharp 9 p.m., Split premiered on a channel. It stars James McAvoy (x24) 😀 as Kevin Crumb, with a condition called DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder); he has 23 different personalities. My aunt and I spent the whole time the movie was on, glued to the TV screen; sprinting to complete our tasks during the breaks. James McAvoy has portrayed all the alter-egos perfectly and as creepily as required for the role.
split_282017_film29The shock I got when I realised the ‘they’ that Hedwig kept mentioning when he said that ‘they’ always made fun of him, were not the people around him, but actually the other 20 personalities. Patricia was the most creepiest according to me. After the Beast.

BTW, Split is directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Language barriers – 1

After a morning walk, I thought let’s treat myself with some good breakfast. So, I went to my usual haunt, to order a dosa (let’s say for the sake of this post it was “one” dosa). 

I went to the counter and stood there waiting for the man to give me some indication that I could start giving my order, or say he would come to my order in sometime. Nothing. Nada.

I waited for him to complete some transaction he had, then waited as he sighed and then atlast looked up at me and gestured for me to start giving my order. I didn’t really give this any thought as usual. Konkani? English? As I am more used to talking in English, I started my order, “can I have one masala dosa parcel.” And he looked at me strangely, sighed and started writing my order on a book. At the last minute I decided to have a cup of tea while waiting for the order so I told him so in Konkani, “ek cup chau inga boson pita han”///”I have one cup of tea here“.

That’s when he looks up and says, “tuk Konkani kolta dista. Kolta zalyar English kithya marli? Hau voilo dislo?”///” So, it looks like you know Konkani. If you know Konkani, why are you talking English. You thought I was an outsider?“.

Yeah, the conversation ended with me being all embarrassed and repeating, “Na Na Na”///”No No No“.

It’s really funny when we make assumptions about people.

Here in Goa, there are 3 main languages that work well – Konkani (let’s start with this as its the State language and someone may hit me on the head with a broom if I don’t), English and Hindi. Some families also speak Marathi, but those are predominantly Maharashtrian families. Correct me if I’m wrong any Goans out there.

I usually start my conversations in English when I’m feeling a little formal. Once I start getting familiar, I continue in Konkani. That’s how my usual language breakdown works out. Hindi spoken by me, which is the worst (I blame my parents for this 😂) as witnessed by my friends, only comes into play when a person can’t understand a word of either Konkani/English.

Ramblings: (23/03/2018)

I sometimes have these moods; that cast a heavy, dark blanket all over me, which makes me numb to the outside world. I still don’t really understand it, what triggers it, what could help it, or should I say get rid of it. 

When this mood comes over me, I can’t think, I can’t listen, and basically am screaming inside my head the whole time. The worst thing is when a friend asks me what happened and I can’t jokingly say, “mood swings”, because in this mood even trying to smile takes effort.

I usually brave it out, by continuing with my daily work routine and wait for it to lift off on its own. Sometimes a friend or relative helps lift it off which adds a little more happiness.

Ramblings: (17/03/2018)

When your trials are met with complains and comments almost arguing with the need for your tries.

What do I do?

I get tempted to stop. Stop trying again. 

But then I realise if I do stop, it will be me who will be at the losing end. I will be the one who will lose trust in my own efforts. That’s exactly the mentality I can’t afford to have; because trying new things is what makes me me. Getting better at something I am interested in, is just a part and parcel of learning new things. Be it languages, cooking, baking, hair styles, art or craft. No one should be able to stop me.

Next time someone complains about something you tried, keep a straight face, smile and joke about your failures along with them. But, go home, learn from your mistakes and try again! 😊

Good night peeps 😴

Book Review: Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

23950I started the book one night – Wednesday and completed it the next night – Thursday (actually Friday since I completed it at 2 a.m.), even after I went for along with my 9-hours-a-day work routine.


Like the cover of the book says, “How far would you go to help a stranger?“.
Heidi lives with her husband, Chris and their only daughter, Zoe in Chicago. She has the biggest heart and always wants puts others needs before hers, so what does she do when she notices a young mother – Willow and her baby roaming around at her railway station.


Mary Kubica touches upon so many topics in this book – depression, family ties, adolescent stubbornness, adultery, marital love, young love, bullies, the homeless, foster care, adoption, abuse.

Like The Girl on a Train by Paula Hawkins, Mary too has written her book from the perspective of the three main characters – Heidi, Chris and Willow. Heidi and Chris mostly in the current events and Willow in future events.

The book starts out slowly with the author slowly nudging us to get used to the lovable Heidi who tries her best to keep everyone in her family happy; then introduces her husband – Chris, the workaholic, the practical one of the two. The book then catches up on some speed when Heidi meets Willow and the next events that unravel a lot about the characters; which is the best part of the book according to me – the way Mary has exactly described each and every character and how exactly they have come to be and act the way they do.

I am not sure if it caused an issue only to me, but I felt sometimes I had to read a line twice/thrice to understand what exactly was being said by the author; but I loved the lines from ‘Anne of Green Gables’ being quoted by Willow from time to time.




Movies: 10th-11th March

Friday night, I started the weekend with a few Blacklist episodes from Season 3.

download (1)

As compared to Season 1, S3 is pretty slow and it doesn’t quite hold the attention as the 1st or 2nd one did. I’m hoping it gets more exciting if I ever plan to finish watching the series.
The episodes I watched ended with Keen and Reddington on a cargo ship.
Oooo so exciting ! mehh!

the_snowman_28201729_poster Saturday, I watched The Snowman, starring Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Fergusson.

The opening sequence was a shock. Mostly it was multiple shocks, ending with a huge shock – a son standing next to his mom’s car while it gets submerged into icy cold water. And the mom doesn’t want to get out! Was that a spoiler? :S

The killings are gruesome, but I like these type of thrillers that give me a chance to guess who could be the killer.

I followed Snowman with a movie I found on YouTube – Lucky in Love.

Yeah, I completely changed the genre from thriller to romance. But, I wanted to watch something light that wouldn’t weigh my mind down like Snowman.
The movie is about a woman dreaming about a better job, flat, and partner. To her surprise, she gets all the things she wanted. This part of the movie was pretty cliche but then they show how she handles her new responsibilities and such.
It really is a good, light movie.
But, like the comments on YouTube, no boss is that forgiving or are they? :S
Her sister is so perfectly portrayed! ❤ Anyone who watched this movie, did you notice the huge number of dimples on the screen? 😀 Almost every character had one!
I am really looking forward to watching more Hallmark movies <3<3<3

Sunday; yesterday I was TV channel surfing and out of Jurassic World, Shanghai Nights, Death Race and Love Actually, I got stuck on Love Actually.

I need to say this aloud – I have not watched Love Actually. Yes, one of the most talked-about romance movies and I haven’t watched it! That’s not going to be the case soon.

I watched some scenes – Hugh Grant dancing (when I was muttering, “Please don’t, Please don’t dance”), Liam Neeson coming through the doors shouting praises at Sam, his son.

Those and many more scenes made me want to watch the movie. The movie is jam packed with leading stars.

Ramblings: 08/03/2018

Today, I started my day with a cold, the continuous-sneezing-blowing-into-a-tissue kind; and spent more time holding my head in pain, than actually doing any productive work at office.

The worst part is that most of my sneezes tend to be internal. So, I hold my nose expecting a huge sneeze and receive in return a numbing pain, causing my eyes to brim with tears.

According to a website:

Internal Sneeze: Nothing actually comes out but only an odd “ump” noise. It’s surprising that the person’s eardrums don’t explode.

I am surprised my eardrums do not explode too. 😀

How would you handle sneezing continuously in a cafeteria during lunch? When standing and leaving is not an option? and obviously going hungry is not an option too.

My usual go-to move is to look away/down and sneeze away, usually crumbling into a mess. 😀