3 books, 1 week

This week, I had a lot of time which was mostly because I visited my family in the U.A.E. and instead of roaming around “Dubai” like most expected, I spent my days there just lazing around and reading.

1. Mallory and the Ghost Cat (The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries #3)

bsc-m3-coverThis is one of the books from my childhood. I loved reading the Baby-Sitters Club series, actually most series – Mallory Tower series, Sweet Valley (Oh, I loved SV!!), Famous Five, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew. I have one book of my own of each of these series.
This weekend, I read this book in less than a day. Though some problems faced by Mallory seem very kiddish now, the story in the background about her great-uncle Joe was something I wouldn’t mind reading now too.
Ann Martin didn’t really explain about the reality of the cat at the end; which kind of got me spooked for some minutes after finishing the book. 🙂

2. A Stolen Life: A Memoir by Jaycee Lee Dugard

71u8yq2biw7lI got my Dad to buy this book last December during a sale at the mall; but had not got around to reading it.
The book is the memoir of Jaycee Dugard. It scared me. Thinking of how easily the perps got away with their crime. So. EASILY. Though at the end they were caught, Jaycee spent 18 EIGHTEEN! years of her life a prisoner of someone else’s crime.
Jaycee takes us through everything that went through her mind those starting weeks, then the remaining years.
Really a strong woman!

3. Kasie West – On the Fence

18298225Well yeah, I went directly for a no-thinking-required-predictable novel by Kasie West.
Charlie has too many brothers, plays too many sports and falls in love with her brother’s ( I mean brothers’s) friend, Braden.
End of story.
The only thing that makes the book 202 pages long is: Charlie gets a new job, meets new people, learns what really happens to her mom and the fact that the main pair keep meeting near the fence but don’t admit anything. eye-roll
Oh, and Braden confronts his abusive Dad.
That makes up a 202 pages long book.


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