Ramblings: 08/06/2017

What is that innate need to be dependent on someone? I am sure it is part of being human, but we always have that need to be around someone when doing something new or just doing something. The need to discuss whatever we have planned in the near future.

Watching a movie alone, it makes sense, you get to watch with your total undivided attention; but watching a movie with a friend! Now that would include jokes, laughs, discussions about the characters and mimicry.

The same goes with exercising, eating meals, dancing, working. (Except for maybe going to the washroom) 😀

The hardest part is when you are dependent on a singular person or two. Breaking away or trying anything alone makes it all the more difficult.


5 thoughts on “Ramblings: 08/06/2017

  1. I’ve been dong stuff alike for a long time. But then again, it’s the same routine. Like the same food, sane restaurant, same drink. Because trying new things is hard and well, frankly I’m a bit scared too.

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    1. Maybe we should be trying out new things, because what is life if we don’t try and learn all the things that are offered to us.
      Right now I have started learning swimming. I seriously doubt I would still be swimming next month, but I wanted to learn.
      Keeps my mind off other things when I try new things.

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      1. Rightly put. And yes we should.

        Wow. Swimming. That’s great. Learn it. And have fun. And after a month, when you have learned swimming you could any time.

        That’s good to know.

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