Thursday, 13th April 2017
It’s the Holy Week and as usual on it’s Wednesday, my cousin/aunt and I hurry for confession. A ritual(?) that we follow in which we tell our sins to a priest who in turn forgives us. Almost like wiping the slate clean (at least the part that we had the guts to confess). That’s what I like to think happens – the partially clean slate.

The bigger question – what is a sin?
My description of sin would be – Anything that hurts someone mentally or physically. It includes all the “bad” feelings like jealousy and anger. I usually use the 10 Commandments as a template when I explain to friends who ask what a sin would incorporate.
I guess I should maybe add myself to the list of people I hurt because of the whole “Your body is a temple of God” line in the bible. Some might find drinking (alcohol) a sin, some might find getting tattooed a sin. But in my eyes, it’s not a sin. Abusing alcohol to such a rate that you increase the possibility of killing yourself, is a whole different story. My friend lightly argued one fine day that I had sinned when I tattooed my hand. That tattoos and piercings are sins. But, I had an argument ready, my own parents had pierced my ears when I was just a baby. So, if I was already a sinner, maybe I can continue being one.
Who is to be blamed for that particular sin?
Mummy/Daddy or me?


2 thoughts on “Sin?

  1. Tatooing, per se, might not be a sin. Yet it was forbidden to the Jews in the law of Moses, I think. It was perhaps linked with idolatry practiced in the pagan religions of the Old Testament times, probably something like placing a pagan deity’s seal on one’s body. Therefore forbidden to the Jews who belonged to the unseen God. Many Christians get themselves tatooed with Christian symbols. Anything else might need a careful study before being used as an imagery for tatooeing.Body piercings might also follow a similar line of reasoning, though piercings for ear rings might be quite innocuous.

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    1. Thanks for the comment.
      I have tattooed a word ‘Believe’ (not in any religious context- I feel I need to believe in me more than any religion) on my hand and added another ear piercing. So not a ‘sin’ according to what you say to be wrongful tattooing and piercing, right ?
      Doesn’t make sense that we, being the followers of a religion, make up more rules than what is set for us, by God. We interpret from a particular sentence in our Holy Books in just the way we want it to sound.


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