Tattoo Dreams

I recieved a complaint from a friend that I rarely post anything but sad posts. So, from today onward I will try to post happy thoughts and hopefully spread happy vibes. 😀
So, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts….

Had a nice time (ahem happy time) talking to the friend about tattoo ideas. And being
a person who makes instant decisions, she promptly fell in love with one particular design and decided to have it tattooed as soon as possible. That sort of instant decision making is something I want to strive for! I had decided the design I wanted tattooed on my hand a year back. As the months went by, I changed the location of the to-be-tattoo design from  my left hand wrist -> my right hand thumb-> right hand forearm -> right hand inner elbow -> left hand inner elbow.

I went to the tattoo parlor along with a cousin, the design saved in my cell and the location decided – left hand inner elbow, coz apparently, the left hand blood vessels are connected directly to the heart, so has a higher significance and blah, blah, blah. I told the tattoo artist what and where I wanted the tattoo. The guy basically said No to my idea. As I wanted the word to be tattooed facing me, Come On! I want to read it! What in hell would be the reason to get tattooed if others can read it and I’m stuck staring at the upside down version of it?

We then showed him images online, which had the same tattoo but at the wrist. so, after all the changes in location, I got the tattoo done on the same location I had decided a year back! 😀 Fun to be ME! 😀

My tattoo pic:


Yes, that’s my hand, my left wrist to be precise.

Why the ‘Believe’ you would ask?

Well, I have many things I need to believe in. Firstly, Believe in myself. Believe in tomorrow. Believe in many more things.
Have a great Friday. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Tattoo Dreams

      1. I actually don’t really get what’s the problem in getting inked. I understand when people think it hurts a lot so avoid it. But, there are some who just randomly decide it’s wrong.
        Meh, I wanted one for a long time! and luckily my parents didn’t have any problem. 😀 One thing I didn’t have to fight for. 🙂

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