Rambling: 24/02/2017

Earlier this did not bother me much. Maybe I was just amazing at ignoring it, but these few months it’s getting on my nerves. Maybe earlier it happened rarely.  That a person sitting right next to me, with full knowledge that I am there besides them. Just me. But they are glued to their phones.

One such incident was when I wanted to order a take away at KFC. The friend who was with me said he would also accompany me. Then he added that we could have starters to pass the time. Who am I to say no to KFC? So I order my take out plus some snacks. So we are sitting at the table, we start talking and then in the middle of my question, he looks at his cell and boom he’s gone. He’s lost in his cell. My usual reaction is the bury myself too into my cell. But alas, my dumb cell’s battery is dead. The order is ready so I go to pick it up. I come back with the order and he’s still stuck in his cell. My reaction? “Come on let’s go. You can eat this at home right. Let’s leave.” The guy says, “You’re in a hurry?”.

I am fascinated by phones too! I really love those people who keep their phones away when they know someone is around. Yes, there are such people. They exist and I love them to bits. Atleast have the courtesy to say, “sorry but so and so is asking about something”. “Excuse me”. Or maybe “give me a minute”. Nope some people just dive into their cell and disappear. I wonder if they would realise if I just stood up and walked away.
End of rant ☺


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