Marriage (take 1)

Why does marrying into the same religion, caste and place of origin matter?
Finding a decent partner in this world is a greater chore by itself. Now add to that another huge chore of matching 3 main criteria – religion, place of origin and caste. Our parents must have broken some rules when they married. I know for a fact that my parents battled my grandparents to get married as theirs was a love marriage, when the norm was arranged marriages. Yet, my parents don’t realize what they are doing when they say that if we marry into a different blah, blah, blah, they will never be able to face society again. In the age of same-sex marriages, we are made to listen to emotional lectures (including sobbing) of not falling in love with people of “other” religions. If the religion is not a barrier, next comes place of origin.
It’s not that they have the wrong intentions for us. Not at all. They are only thinking about our future. When mainly the failed marriages are paraded to society, obviously our parents fear for their children when they want only the best for us. Can’t really blame them. I will “hopefully” follow their instructions (I fought for minor things and gave up, this would be a bigger fight) but I have made up my mind that I wouldn’t set any such rules for my own kids.


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