Ramblings (4/2/17)

First day of our weekend, Saturday ends. 😣 How was your week? I was just thinking about all the dumb and funny situations I have lived through in just one week:
1) I have a meeting on the same floor as one of my “crushes”. I have to go to the washroom and while leaving, right in front of my eyes is guess who. The one person I didn’t want to see. Obviously he’s talking on his cell with someone. So, I’m all prepared to walk as fast as I can. But, nope, I can not be allowed to go that easy. He turns towards me and I mouth out a ‘Hiiiii’, waving my hand and he turns back to his original position without any response. 😂 I just go like 😨Carol walk! Walk away fast! (Ps. He does message later but that whole scene was a flop show)
2) My friend and I recently got our hair colored. My plan flopped, the color isn’t visible unless I actually take a colored strand of hair and take it right upto someone’s face. A friend asks me, ‘you also colored your hair right?’ I say, ‘yes, but it isn’t visible much’. At that moment I was holding a bunch of my hair which had some of the highlights. I show the bunch of hair to him and he kinda just disregards my tries and replies, ‘No I can’t see it’. Damn that hurt 😂
I quietly retreat to my other friend’s side while trying to lick the wounds to my wounded ego. I guess she realised I’m hurt coz she looks at my hair and says, ‘yeah it’s visible’. And I’m back again! 😁
3) Okay I have to warn you. I have like a dozen crushes at a time. Another crush used to sit in the same room (or wing) as me at office. Such a big distraction. Like my whole attention, would be on when he would come to office in the morning, when he would leave, everything. The damn guy left my wing!!! Yayyy woohhooo! I have freedom! The best part? I haven’t seen him since ! Yea yea I bring him up in conversations to know his whereabouts but other than that haven’t seen him !! Yayy me!
4) It was my relatives birthday yesterday. We went all the way to her house which is a drive of 1 hour. Loved the good vibes at the birthday celebration. She was surprised and so was her mom. Surprise bday parties are the best! 😁
5) Yesterday was the first demo of what I had been working on for more than a week. Lo and behold! It doesn’t work! 😂 All three of us in that demo meeting try everything, even stare at the blank table and dare it to be populated with records. But nooo! I go back to my desk to fix the error. Guess what? I made one error. One character was wrong. One damn character, and the whole thing stops working! Arghhh!
6) There is an event at office – a quiz event for school kids. When we first joined the company, apparently we had organised the first edition of the event in Goa. That time we were the fresh faced juniors. This year, Thwe and me were standing in a room full with juniors. Idk about her, but I felt old. But not any wiser. 😂
That was my week! 🙂
We in Goa voted today. Not a fan of politics. Not a anything of politics, actually. But, hopefully someone worthy wins. 🙂


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