The Tag of Eights

I was tagged by Savio who writes the  blog; and its taken me approximately 2 months to respond. Sorry for the delay Savio 🙂


8 TV shows I enjoy watching:

Okay, to be honest, TV shows are a huge part of my life right now, I watch atleast one episode of a series everyday before bed. I know, I know It’s bad for my eyes (currently wearing my anti-glare glasses). 😦
1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. [Like you said Savio – can anyone get bored of these 6 friends?]
2. Game of Thrones (you can love it, you can hate it, but you sure can’t get enough of it) 😀
3. [Br]eaking [Ba]d (I miss Jessie)
4. Suits (One fine day I started calling one of the main couples namely, Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, Ross and Rachel. Did you know the actress playing Rachel Zane is dating Prince Harry?)
5. Heroes (I got hooked to this series during Christmas break)
6. The Originals (Klaus’s devilish smirk. yikes! There goes my heart again)
7. Stranger Things (This is a new show. Just 8 episodes old. But just the kind to keep everyone on their toes.)
8. House, Criminal Minds, Bones, Homeland

8 favourite places to eat: 
1. Home – Mummy’s home-made food
2. Aunt’s Home – Aunt’s home-made food
3. Twinie’s Home – Twinie’s Mom’s home-made food
4. Fishka Restaurant, Majorda
5. Ben & Sands Restaurant, Colva
6. Johncy’s Bar and Shack
7. All those fish thali places we visit once a week.
8. Home – My 5 minute snacks 😀

8 things I look forward to: 
1. I would love to be for once content with my work; and not be waiting for the current piece of work to end.
2. Cuddling in my warm bed and watching some movie/series while in it.
3. Seeing my two pups jump up in joy when I reach home – they could just be asking for treats – but I like to think they are happy to see me. 😛
4. The many places I have yet to visit, the countless mistakes I have yet to make, and the numerous people I have yet to befriend.
5. Forgetting my faults and misgivings, I love all kinds of events and always look forward to them. Be it office events that require volunteering, participation or as a spectator. Family events, where I can listen quietly to people talking, cracking jokes, discussing their life and recent events.
6. Oh yea! I look forward to watching upcoming movies and new seasons from any series that I like. Game of Thrones Season 7 !!!!!
7. Right now, I am looking forward to my birthday. Not that I am expecting anything to change in my life. But, this one’s going to be a big one. Happy and Scared in equal parts. 😀 😦
8. Next time my friends and I go out for our dinners. Though I have hell to pay when I get back late, I enjoy the feeling of being with friends.

8 things I am passionate about:
1. Music
2. Movies
3. Beach
4. Sleeping
5. My pets
6. Travelling
7. Friends
8. Family

8 words or phrases I use often:
1. Shit! – This is usually accompanied with me covering my eyes with my hands like one of Gandhi’s monkeys
2. Seriously? – This is accompanied with a wide-eyed expression
3. Duuuuude! – This goes for guys and girls both
4. I have a habit of saying a word twice to give emphasis like I wouldn’t say Bye once, I say bye bye,  then there’s yes yes, no no, yea yea. I guess its coz my voice was and still is kinda set on low volume. So, after being asked to repeat my words for so many years, I now repeat without being asked.
5. Another habit is to drag words like Whhhyyyyyyy? Noooooooooo

6. F**k! – Not my best I know, I just caught the habit from movies. 
7. Ehhhhh? – Accompanied with the hand gesture
8. Kidding me?! – This is always, always followed by my friends replying, No Carol, we are not kidding you.

8 things I learnt from the past:
1. Don’t rush into things. It may look like the best solution to your problem at the time, and it really could be, but don’t rush into making decisions. I still have to master this one.
2. To argue diplomatically 😛 I could seem to be fighting for one thing, but during the fight I wouldn’t support the other opinion either. 
3. It’s better to be frank. I mean I would love to know exactly what someone is thinking instead of just assuming the worst. It’s good to have Mr. Open and Ms. Frank present in any -ship.
4. To be comfortable in my own skin.
5. To go ahead and do the thing that I want to. Regret isn’t my best emotion.
6. Friends and family are always there to provide you will valuable advice and guidance. But, at the end of the day, you know better. You should make the final decision and take onus for it.
7. If it’s not meant to be, let it go. Cry, cry and cry all you want but let it go. No use of stressing yourself. Loads of other things to do in life.
8. I do not have to agree with everything that everyone say. Saying No is really tough for me. I cringe at the thought of saying no. Yet to be mastered.

8 places I would love to go, visit or see: Okay, 8 is too less a number when thinking about the countless places I have to visit.
1. North America
2. South America
3. Asia
4. Europe
5. Australia
6. Africa
7. Places in India
8. Places in U.A.E.

8 blogs/bloggers I would suggest fellow bloggers to visit
1. Thwe (default)
2. Jai
3. Muse
4. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes
5. Arvind (I love his sketches)
6. JoLTa
7. Spoon You Fork Me (Who can ignore food)
8. Mr. Savio Paes


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