Movie Review: Tum Bin II

My friends are going to be so annoyed that I wrote this but I watched it coz they told me it was good, and this is what I felt about the whole 2 hours of the movie:
Did you ever watch a movie where during the whole movie you are thinking, “Why am I watching this?”. You keep forwarding the scenes. The movie is so slow, you find yourself actually counting the number of tears dripping from the actress’s chin (sorry exaggerating a bit). Like, Come ON! The protagonist doesn’t have any say in any matter. The guy says no you don’t like me, you like him. And she sits and cries again. Make up your MIND! Its Amar! No, it’s Shekar, Noooooo, it’s Amar! No, it’s Shekar! But all the while it’s Amar !!
I couldn’t bear to watch the ending ! Why put people through the torture ! Oh, and it’s based on the same plot as the first one. Which my friend explained to us happily. Waah! waah!
Okay I must say this, the guy playing Shekar did some good acting (except the time he drunk danced 😂 ). Neha Sharma was amazing! Acting was good, looked amazing too. Though she could have toned down the fast/slow motion running, (there are 2 scenes where she’s chasing “Amar”).
Though the plot was very engrossing, the writer should have written less lines. What’s with the snow scenes ? :s


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