Being Stupid

Do you ever get that feeling where you doubt your actions?
I always have those 5 minutes of clarity (or maybe the opposite of clarity) where I wonder, am I being stupid waiting here for the old lady while carrying her bag? I’m sure anyone else would have just dumped the bag on her and left. Anyone else would have forgotten that their friend is leaving for another place tonight. People forget about me leaving. But, I’m stupid enough to drive all the way to her place to say bye.
I have those minutes of wondering if I’m being stupid, but then I go and do it anyway. Be stupid. Because then I would regret not being stupid. Regret not helping someone when I could. And regret hurts worse than being stupid.


9 thoughts on “Being Stupid

    1. But Savio, after being brought down time and time again, my parents being Goans, have lost trust in society, and they don’t want their daughter to face the same things that they did. It’s understandable.
      And they kinda read the news too much. 😁

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