Ramblings: 18/11/2016

Okay right now (4:20 am), I am sitting inside the airport along with hundreds of other people. It’s funny how the smallest scream the loudest! Like waaaaaah! That too at 4:30am! (And manage to weep through the whole flight too). Some people giggling their heads off while cracking jokes in another language. Like tee-hee-hee-hee, bahsbsnajdb, hahahahaha😂 and im sleepily staring at them like @#sjdnd!*naj, stfu!
Then comes the dreaded announcement, “Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the late arrival of the flight, the departure of the flight will be delayed.” (By one hour and 10 mins!!) 😱
Too chilled and too drowsy to ignore the coffee stand. Yea yea, I know the spoonfuls of sugar will make me fat, but it’s gonna allow me to force my eyes to stay open. I actually don’t remember sipping the coffee.
Atlast the flight arrives and we board it. Which involves standing in long queues along with the hollering babies.
But, I’m at peace once I comfy myself into my window seat. Okay, no matter how many times I have flown on the same flight, by the same route, with the same scenes, I always love the window seat! 😁 The kid in me loves it! I keep peering out to see if we are over land or sea. Stare in amazement at the mountains and clouds.
Someone give me a job that involves flying around in flights! 😣
Another thing, there are elderly parents, travelling to visit their children. These ladies and gents struggle their way through the whole procedure of check in, immigration, baggage check and then the long hours of wait for departure.
Come on, if you are so interested in getting your parent(s) abroad, do it yourself. Don’t let them struggle on their own. No one bothers to wait for them long enough to help. Be grateful to those who do help and wait.


4 thoughts on “Ramblings: 18/11/2016

    1. I’m in UAE right now.
      Not pretty enough to be an air-hostess. But being a pilot has always been one of my to-dos. I mean get a license to fly. I should have chosen my career wisely.


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