Love is in the hair :)

Please do read her post. She donated her hair for a better purpose.
That’s my cousin, who I am always and forever proud of.

Jolta's world .....

Oh yes it hurt and yes it pained just cutting of those long lovely locks. My hair were not an asset that I would flaunt infront of the world. They were a part of me ……something that I longed for ever since I was a child. Ask a girl who was never allowed to grow her hair…..and had to be satisfied looking at other girls just flaunt their hair. Oh the pain …..I still remember. I remember how I was mocked by girls and even boys for having a boy cut . I remember how I used to be cheated and taken to the parlour to chop my hair. I remember myself crying as the scissors just cut through them. I remember my rebellion in deciding to cut my hair only at the men’s saloon because I didn’t want to feel low infront of the women at the parlour. Oh…

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