Hot Heads

We read many posts and quotes about friendships, love and many, many other things.
The one that keeps going through my mind right now is one that says something along the lines of not reacting to everything that is said to us.

Well, in my case, I react, I react to a lot. I have a hot head, but that is due to the fact that I get angry when I’m hurt. Thoroughly hurt. How am I supposed to react to someone taunting me about one of my weak points? Nope, I will never let anyone tell me I am any less than I already think I am. My mind is already doing a fine job. Sometimes the person passing comments is one of my own good friends, and come on, that isn’t expected.
One of the quotes that I agree with though, is we are responsible for our own happiness. If we can’t be at peace with ourselves, we will never be able to let anyone else close enough. Unless we understand what’s going on in our own minds, how do we explain ourselves?


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