Movie Review: Point Break(2015)


Director: Ericson Core
Actors: Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Teresa Palmer.

A review after countless months!
You know how die-hard readers keep hoarding new books but don’t really get the time to read them later? *sheepish smile” (I do that); but right now I’m suffering from reader’s block so I am currently only a die-hard movie/series fan. I hoard movies from friends, colleagues and countrymen; but sometimes I don’t watch certain movies; I discriminate them based on their name, their actors. One weekend was a tad monotonous so, I dug into my movie collection and watched this movie – Point Break – the 2015 version.

Johnny, an FBI agent, befriends a gang of extreme sports athletes who use their skills to pull off heists. However, his plan to expose them hits a roadblock when he starts enjoying the lifestyle.
– Google

Ignore the ratings set by IMDB or anyone for that matter, and watch this movie. I hadn’t heard about this movie earlier, so I didn’t bother even giving it a second thought when I wanted to watch a good movie. But, when I did watch it, I LoVeD it! The suspense, the breath-taking views, and something different from all the romantic chick flicks. (i know, i know, i love those chick flicks too)

Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez were amazing in their respective roles and as usual I love the “villains” so, soon after the movie ended, I rushed to find out who was the guy called Bodhi😍
Even if you have watched the earlier version of this movie, you should give this one a try too! ☺


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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