5 year rule?

If it isn’t going to matter 5 years (or even a year) from now, then you don’t have to beat yourself about it now.
Yesterday I met one of my first friends from college, Ms. Vaz. Last I saw her was in college and that was 3 years back! We stayed in contact through calls, WhatsApp and such but, long talks, face to face, is what the soul really needs. 😁
I have to say this, that girl knows more about me, and what I supposedly said, more than me!
We discussed all the different “events” that happened in college. The fights, the laughs, the bunking of classes. I think we covered everything 😂 half of which has already slipped my mind.
Things which affected me badly at that time, don’t really have any effect on me right now. I have handled much worse now.
So, this is me telling myself, “Shut up! Stop whining! You will forget about whatever it is you are whining about right now in a year! So save your whining for something worth your time and energy!”.
As Freddie Mercury likes to sing, “Nothing really Matters!!!”. 😁


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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