Dedication: Twinie:)

Today I’m going to dedicate a post to a very special person. Okay let’s get rid of the suspense – this post is dedicated to Twinie. (I had posted a spam post earlier)
I call her that coz we both share the same birthday 😁 We found out that fact in the funniest way possible!

The first time we met we were playing a game during a Soft Skills class. We had to order the members of our teams, according to our birthdays, by hand signals.  Haha! that moment still makes me laugh; how we were both signalling the same birth date and I was confused! Like why is someone copying me? 😂

Let me tell you some facts about my Twin:
1) She is the strongest; but like a coconut, she’s all mellow inside.
2) She is down to earth. Truly.
3) She is the one in my group who I can expect a good thrashing from if I do anything wrong but I still tell her everything.
Our first desks at office were adjacent so whenever my head felt heavy for my neck, I would just lay it on her shoulder. Then working on the same project.
It was those starting few days of our friendship that bonded us. Actually made me depend on her from time to time.
Well, don’t get too excited, she is my friend. The bestest anyone could ask for. Need advice? I go to twinie. Need a good shouting? I go to twinie. Just need someone to listen? I still go to twinie. Need to be nudged in the right direction? Call the twinie! Yeah, she’s the one I need. Need to be consoled? Twinie.
Her “Good Morning Twinie”s start my day and without a “Good Night Twinie” from her my day doesn’t end. Though i tend to doze off sometimes before the goodnight message. Okay, okay, this is getting way romantic but that’s who she is, and what I love about her.
I would like to thank her for always having my back. Always knowing when to push me, when to let go, when I need a shoulder to lay my head on.
Three years and counting.


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