Ramblings: (19/09/2016)

I’m beginning to understand why sometimes people do things that are totally unlike them. Sometimes we are so frustrated with how life has been treating us. Frustrated with work, love, home life; that sometimes trying to be warm, polite and sweet just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore.
Why to “act” like we are happy, when inside we are all confused, lost and lonely? Nothing makes sense anymore. You start to see things in a different light.
Every single thing becomes a competition! Every single measly thing! No one does anything just to make someone else happy. Nope, what’s the use? Praise and popularity is more important! Those stories narrated to us as kids really have no meaning in the world today. They belonged to the good old days (if they even existed).


6 thoughts on “Ramblings: (19/09/2016)

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