Ramblings: (07/08/16)

After a long weekend of travelling; my beloved car finally got a chance to be pampered and shine yesterday. 😁
We had Ganesh Chaturthi holidays here, so Saturday till Tuesday, I was chilling.


Shweta and I left early in the morning to visit our bestie, Pooja in North Goa. There we chilled; like actually chilled while they cooked lunch and pampered us with chakli, besan ke laddu and nevrios. Then after the yummy lunch which included butterscotch ice cream; we were so stuffed that we couldn’t breathe even a little. Then all the three of us went to another friend’s house, where we chilled a little more! 😀

Monkeys chilling near my friend’s house.


My aunt stays in Canacona, a city in South Goa. So, my other two aunts, one cousin et moi travelled there by car. We stopped at many places, to click pics of the amazing landscapes and views!

Meet Mitu 😀


Rock Formations on a beach in Canacona


Some friends and I travelled (by car) all the way to Ashvem beach, where we had lunch at a shack, then walked on the beach, did a little photoshoot. Then we decided to visit a fort which is further north, Tiracol Fort. I kinda freaked the others by forgetting to fill up on fuel, so there we were roaming in an area which one friend kept muttering was devoid of petrol pumps!

A Chapel inside the fort



Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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