Intro to Whitey

I would like to state that, I am a dog person. @thwe 😉 I LOVE dogs! and obviously they like me too 😀 ❤
I like cats too, I like how their fur feels; but I get a mild allergic reaction to their fur, where I literally look like I’m crying, maybe a symptom of childhood asthma. Keeping that in mind, my family have never kept a cat.

A week back, my dad without a second thought brought home a small teeny little kitten. The cutest little thing!

When I reach back home from work, she meows and meows and meows as if screaming at me for being late! When I snuggle on a sofa, she jumps on the sofa and snuggles on my leg. When I am sleeping, she jumps onto the bed and fights with my hair or just pushes her head into my messed-up hair and waits that way.

Beware the hungry kitten! Early in the morning, she meows so repeatedly and loudly that I, get out of bed and put some food out for her. Yes, I *pointing at myself* do that. The person who would rather sleep than get out of bed and make breakfast for my starving stomach.

So, that was my introduction to our newest member – Whitey or Blessy as dad likes to call her.



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