Deo or Dio?

Recently, a friend of ours narrated to us a conversation that he had with a colleague. Here goes:

Colleague: You have deo?
Friend: No, I have an Activa.
Colleague: ok
Colleague: do you have a deo?
Friend: No, activa
Colleague: You use deodorant?
Friend: yep
Colleague: My shoes are smelling.
Friend: Oh ok.
Colleague: Can I have your deo please?
Friend: I have an activa.
Colleague: ??
Colleague: Do you have a deodorant?
Nik: Nope

Not really sure when he realized his mistake but we were laughing like crazy when he was telling us his conversation (with joy) . 😀 😀 😀

FYI – we have a scooter: Dio in India. One of the most common scooters around at least to my knowledge. Activa is another.


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