Ramblings: (06/08/2016)

Why is it that when we don’t live up to someone’s expectations we are tagged as a loser. A no-gooder. You become the person who will never succeed in life suddenly. One minute you have a joyful grin on your face and the next you are reminded of all your shortcomings. You become a person who will bring shame to the family, who should end up as an old maid, coz come on! Why should anyone be a loser’s partner?


3 thoughts on “Ramblings: (06/08/2016)

  1. Its hard. But the only thing you can do is not give a fudge about anyone’s expectations. Except for your family or really close ones. But that do with a limit. You have got this life. Live it to make yourself proud, screw the world.
    p.s. I know its easy to say, hard to actually do. But you own your life.

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