[Friday, 29th July 2016, 8:30pm IST]
Okay, I have been narrating my accounts of stupidness on the road. Well, today I have a brand new one.
@thwe: You were right! It did rain. 😐
I am riding the scooter at my usual speed of 60+ km/hr when it starts raining. Not drizzling. Raining. So, being a responsible daughter, I stop the scooter on the side of the highway and remove my raincoat (which I totally detest!).
Come on, it isnt raining too heavily so, I now decide to keep the raincoat near my legs just in case it starts pouring.
I start the scooter. It stubbornly ignores my every request to start itself! I try like a hundred times! And then I get scared. Here I am, on the side of the highway, scooter isn’t working; don’t know how to start the scooter with the kick functionality. All types of scenarios pass through my mind. Then a scooter with three guys passes in front of me and I wave to them. They stop and I ask them if they could please start my bike. They come to help and after trying 20 times themselves, they get my stubborn scooter to burst into life. They then keep it alive and tell me to drive slow; switch on the front headlights and I leave with the raincoat still at my feet and just concentrate on accelerating and reaching home. Now, when I am nearing my home, the scooter again splutters to a stop! I go like, “Nooooo!”. Did I mention that the fuel indicator on the scooter has a mind of its own? Well, I assumed that there would be enough petrol to take me home; and that’s where I’m always wrong. 😁 I assume a lot.
I am always grateful to my helping hands; who always seem to be around. 😁 God bless all who have helped me till date.


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