After Effects

I am lying on the sofa, looking at the items on the shelves of our study table. There is a cute teddy bear given to me by my classmate. It is of white color with brown footprints. There are beautiful plastic flowers in plastic vases. Hmm… nice memories linked to each item. Wait! Wait a minute! Did that teddy bear just move a little? Ehhh… just my imagination. I look at the books lined up on the other shelves. There’s the new books that I bought – John Grisham’s The Chamber, Durjoy Datta’s The Impossible Love; all of which I can’t seem to finish reading. Maybe I should curb my book buying habit… Omg! did that teddy bear turn and look at me ?😱  I get up from the sofa, on my way out; I switch off the light in the hall and while I turn around, something flies by in the darkness. I look back. Again! My imagination!! Now I turn back fast. This time something hides behind a chair! Now all I can think of is running out 😂
That’s me after watching Conjuring 2 😂😂 I still don’t get what people found so funny in the movie 😕 it scared me badly or maybe it was coz of the friends I went with; who made it their mission to scare me more than I already was! 😂 God Bless their beautiful souls.


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