Well, a week back was my Mom & Dad’s Silver Wedding Anniversary.
25 years together!! All the fights, all the temptations and reasons to stop trying but they kept on going! 25 years is a huge number, at least to me! a really big chunk of your life spent with someone who isn’t related by blood. Their love story is the usual Bollywood cliche – neighbors falling in love kind of story. They have really stood together through thick and thin. Through sickness, through happiness, everything, they have supported each other. It will be a miracle to duplicate that in this time and century.

25 years!!!!

We had a small get-together with some close friends and had fun as only Goan people can! 😀 Cue Maria Pitaxe and all the slow waltzes and jive songs. Add some mando songs, some games, some drinks and Sorpotel (a Goan pork dish); and you have a full-blown Goan party! 😀


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