Emergency Exit

On a flight, I am given a seat next to the Emergency Exit.
The flight attendant comes up to us (I’m sitting on the aisle seat and there’s a man sitting on the window seat) and asks, “Ma’am, Sir; Are you comfortable sitting here? Will you be able to open the exit when needed? “.
I nod/shake my head like a cow, smirk and then mutter, “That is if this flight crashes right?“.
He then proceeds with the steps how to open the exit.
Step 1) Pull this cover.
Step 2) Pull the lever under this cover which opens the door. Throw the door out.
Step 3) There is a slide which inflates outside the door. To manually inflate it, there is a blah blah blah *we gonna crash surely* lever which when you pull *we gonna crash!*

The attendant, “Understood?“. I nod/shake my head again like a cow. 😜


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