Lift me out!

In Goa, some (most) roads have drains in the side which are notorious for giving every passenger a heart attack every time the driver swerves to the left like a daredevil!
Well, in my case, I don’t need to act like a daredevil to put my car’s wheel in drains. I just need to be the absent-minded me and at a speed below 30 kmph.

Case 1:
In heavy rains at night, my relatives and I are searching for a wedding hall in which my other relatives are celebrating a wedding. I haven’t been to all the corners of Goa so, I rely on Google Maps in search for the hall. Which as usual is the wrong choice, as we end up in a busy market and the irritating female voice keeps muttering, “To the left, you will see your destination!”. All I can see to my left is darkness (when I am expecting a brightly lighted hall with music blaring from its windows). So, I take a turn and a guy from my entourage jumps out to ask for directions. He comes back, comfies himself and the next thing I do is drive us into a drain (actually I manage to just put my cars front left tire into the drain). Some men see my car in plight and bravely save it; by lifting it out of its misery! 😁

Case 2:
This happened on Monday; which is like 2 years since the last incident! I am driving out of our office’s new parking lot and a guard rushes to open the gate. I am staring at the gate and don’t see a gaping drain to the left of my car. Surprise! Surprise! I drive right (left?) into it! Guess what I was feeling then – Heights of uselessness! The guards (who I am guessing would have got a huge amount of mutterings coz they didn’t warn me about it) collected all the strong men they could find and lifted my car out.

That’s just 2 cases in the 5 years I’m driving. Cheers to many more drains yet to fall into!

My car’s greatest Nemesis: Drains!


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