Tirade (14/5/2016)

Due to recent circumstances, I will be posting a tirade. I need to vent it out.
Cue Tirade.
Okay, Why do we have friends? To like accompany us through our life right. Make it happy, increase the light in our life! Ok, zen mode OFF and to sometimes guide us and in turn help them through their life too.
Now what if one of those friends does something stupid. Like really stupid. You tell the friend multiple times to stop it without any freaking result. Like u keep repeating a mantra, “Baba, don’t do it. It won’t help you.”  But the stupid, dumb mantra and the considerable number of hours of cooing and begging to stop the nonsense, doesnt enter their thick brain. What do you do?!
I for one, and I’m guessing this is bad on my behalf (but I need to for my own mental health), I tend to space myself from such friends. You are hurting yourself, me and some other people in the bargain. Just stop it! Live your life! There are loads of ways to spend your time instead of obsessing about the same shitty thing!
But guess what?! I’m the bad person after all, ain’t I! No, you won’t stop the thing thats hurting everyone. Nooo. You will block me! How very convenient!
End of Tirade.
That felt good:)


One thought on “Tirade (14/5/2016)

  1. Ughuuuuuuu, I feel youuu Gal 😞
    Like, I have so many dumbass classmates who do so many stupid things to me, and won’t stop, it’s as if they’re retarded -_-


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