Ramblings: (12/05/2016)

<spoiler alert>
The Game of Thrones S6 E2
<spoiler alert>

Yesterday night, while dozing on our sofa, I was watching The Game of Thrones S6 E2 (Yeah I know I’m late 😦 ). I knew Ramsay was going to kill his father, Roose Bolton. I knew he would kill his step-mom, Wanda. But, I was shocked with the proceedings in this episode.

Roose on hearing the happy news that his wife gave birth to a son, happily turns to Ramsay and says, “You will always be my first-born”. Ramsay hugs and congratulates him and in the same breath stabs him! The damn Karstark just stands there. (Like dude! You are being so…. what is that word?! 😐 )

Ramsay as the new Lord Bolton, ‘summons’  Wanda with her baby (She just gave birth for crying out loud!) and takes them to the dog cages where he sets the hounds on both of them!

I needed a pause after that scene. Just close my eyes and lie down in peace.

How a scene imagined in someone’s mind can affect us mere mortals!


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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