The Smiley Thumb Award :)

Crystal blank for award on black

I was nominated by Mr. Savio Paes. Amghe very own Goenkar bhau  😛 Hahaha! 😀 He has an amazing blog: theextraaamile Please do visit him. Thanks again Savio! 😀

So the rules are as follows:

1.- Show your new cool award logo pasted on the top

2.- Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

3.- Tell us what makes you smile.

4.- Select other blogs you want to give the award to. How many is up to you.

5.- Copy and paste the rules.

What makes me smile?
– I got an award !!! (Though virtual) but I got an award!!! Yayy Yayy!
– Receiving a message from someone, anyone. It just lifts my mood several notches! Certain jokes help in making me laugh out loud😁 😉
– Just yesterday Breaking Bad S3 E10: The Fly, had me laughing out aloud! Walt is K-ray-zyyy!!!😂
– Seeing my mom stare at me (as if memorizing my face) through Skype. It reminds me of those scenes on Hindi soaps; the way a couple look eye to eye and keep doing that for an unbearable amount of time!
– Seeing my pups early in the morning never fails to make me smile!
– Making outing plans with friends.
– Overtaking a car which just overtook me 😎 feels very gangsta😁
– Watching an amazing sunset.
– Sometimes I can’t help smiling when my brother, being younger, bosses over me. Like dude, are you being serious right now?
– When my current favorite song gets played on the FM.
– The very thought that I have a blog, this blog, my very own, my precious 😂.
– All my memories of me growing up and doing the stupidest things; they have me smiling like an idiot sometimes. So if you see me alone driving my car, and having a huge smile on my face. Ignore me 😂 Pretend you don’t see me. 😜

Come to think about it. I smile and smile and keep smiling for the silliest reasons. 😂

Time for…. the nominations!
and the nominees are *cue drumroll* All My Followers!
Special nominees are:
My one-true-fan with her cool, crazy blog: shwetasdiaries. Dude, you are doing this; I don’t care when, how or what. 😜 Eh, I don’t need a reason to nominate you 😁
A Musing Teen: Kiddo, you make me smile. I had to nominate you😁
Jai: Hey partner in crime! I have to know what my partner smiles about right😁


16 thoughts on “The Smiley Thumb Award :)

      1. 😱 me pleasant and cool 😱 spent the whole night like that😱😱😱 :O
        Okay lemme think… This could take a while… hmm… waittt… i think i know this… nope… idk😭


      2. Hey! I can’t believe you are so oblivious to the fact that you are cool… But don’t worry! I’m here to keep telling you that, right? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m too lazy to post but surely I’ll buddy 😉
    If someone asks who is the laziest person, i won’t raise my hand even 😛 (proving my laziness) 😉 just laugh partner

    Liked by 1 person

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