Hasta la Vista

“Once there was a girl. She had an uncle who she loved and respected dearly and who loved her too as his own daughter. Whenever he was unwell, he would make it a point to make her take him to the doctor. Any illness, whatsoever, she would make it a point to find out a solution for it. He was her favorite uncle. He had to be around forever.
But, her uncle had an alcohol addiction. Lunch and dinner each would always be accompanied by a glass of whiskey. This continued till one day his liver couldn’t take it anymore. He lay on his hospital bed, helpless; while the doctors seemingly gave up any chance of him recovering.
The girl prayed and prayed as much as she could. Her uncle was supposed to live forever. He had to be there to see her future successes and failures. She couldn’t bear to see anyone else close to her in the same condition as her uncle. She cryingly begged her father and a close friend to control their alcohol consumption. 
As the days passed, there was good news. Her uncle’s condition had recovered enough that he could be taken home. So, he was taken home happily where he was under the strict supervision of his family every single minute. The girl was ecstatic. Her uncle was going to be okay.
After a month or two, when she was at the cinema with her friend in another city, she got a call saying he passed away.
She now ponders the reason for all the trouble? Death comes. How much ever you postpone it. Death will come. With or without the pain. Why not let everyone do what they like?
If alcohol didn’t take him, something else would have done the job.

The girl wonders, Shouldn’t we then just live life as is, as we want?
Drinkers drink. Drivers drive. Foodies hog.


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