Ramblings: (16/04/2016)

Driving my car for the feast mass at Aunts place,
On the way, an old man is riding his bike slowly,
So I speed up to overtake him,
I am looking at the car ahead as I overtake,
My sight suddenly zooms in on a cricket ball rolling on the road in front of my car,
And behind it a running teenaged girl,
I apply such a sharp break that my uncle sitting next to me bangs his chest on the dashboard,
My next reaction is to pull him back,
By the time I come out of my shock,
The girl has collected her ball and is happily back with her family,
Her dad starts screaming at her and she  smilingly defends herself saying, “But, I was there on the road first!”
A man sitting in his car behind them starts screaming too,
But she balantly defends herself.
By then I have started my usual shivering and even though I want to,
I can’t get out of my car and give a piece of mind to her.
My aunt who’s sitting behind starts crying,
She starts praising God and starts giving credit to The Mother Mary of Miracles.
During the feast mass, the scene keeps looping continuously in my mind.


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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