Impromptu beach trip

Yesterday, being upset, I messaged my cousin to accompany me to a beach and luckily she was at home, Yayyy! I took along two parcels of shevpuri, which is an Indian snack, those of you who haven’t tried it, you should try it! 😀 It’s yumm, especially when it’s served at the street stalls that I am forbidden to go near. 😉

Any of you been to a Goan beach ? We went to the Benaulim beach, which is comparatively less crowded. Actually, any beach serves it’s purpose when it comes to soothing my nerves. After 1 hour of discussing the different hobbies that we could try out, including swimming, gardening, volunteering; my mood was visibly at its best! 😀 yayy! yayy!

Wind. Sound of waves. Favorite buddy. Sand on feet = Best Evening Ever ! ❤

Thanks Joali! ❤


2 thoughts on “Impromptu beach trip

  1. Life can be a beach as they say, but anyways, I thought I best give my followers including you, the heads up that I am changing my url to shortly. I hope to see you there in comments. 🙂 Namaste

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