Doodle Corner

One of my favorite hobbies is Doodling!! Well actually a way to keep my hand busy while listening to long talks or watching movies and yada-yada. I draw anything! Anything from geometric shapes to detailed scenery(s) to designs to just about anything. My favorite is Minions!!!

Sometimes, it just helps me think. Drawing eyes are my obsession too. You will find countless eyes drawn on my books or any papers lying around me.

I created a new page: Doodle Corner where you can see my latest doodles and sketches. I am not a great artist but people smile when they see them so wanted to share it to you people.

I have recently started a habit of writing any sayings, lyrics or dialogues that I am listening to onto paper along with the loads of other doodles. The image below is proof of that. 😛




4 thoughts on “Doodle Corner

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