Rambling: 13/03/2016

You know those days, when you have lost your hope in humanity, but someone comes in, like a classic hero, and helps restore your faith in society.

I came back to Goa after my long holiday to the joy of my two girls, Appy and Livie. They even recognized my uncle’s car and were busy wagging their tails and happily whining instead of their usual barking frenzy. I realized my car’s back tire had less air but being a Sunday I didn’t expect any tire shops to be open so I didn’t venture out. Evening came and my cousin informed me that one shop was open so I went all the way to find that Yup! you guessed it! Closed!
While taking a turn to come back home, one man passing by that same road, started pointing at my back tire, “Your back tire’s punctured!”.

I called back, “Yea I know!!! That’s why I am roaming around here!”.

There was another garage close by and I was hoping that it was open. But, Nope! Not open! The guy had followed me till the other garage and he then went to the garage to inquire. He came back and left me saying that he would bring back a mechanic with him. Till then I call my cousin because I tend to naively trust people. The man comes back and says that the mechanic will arrive soon. I half expect him to say, “Okayyy, The mechanic will be arriving soon. It was nice meeting you. I’ll be on my way now. Bye!” and zoom away on his bike. But, he actually waits with me! By that time, my cousin and aunt locate me. The mechanic who arrives soon, proceeds to replace the punctured tire. The man then leaves with a smile and a, “It was my pleasure!” in response to our countless Thank yous.

People like that still exist. Amazing. 🙂


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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