Marhaban :)

No matter how much I love my home country – India,
No matter how many fights I get into, in support of it,
No matter how much I would love to settle there,
No matter how much I feel totally at peace in India,
I still love my adopted country.
I love the United Arab Emirates!! ❤

I was waiting for my turn at the traffic department for my driving test and the police lady turns on a TV channel that has a nice tune playing. I don’t realize why but I love it instantly. After 3 seconds into the song, being dimwitted, I realize it is the U.A.E. National Anthem! The song then started a slideshow in my mind of all my school days that I spent standing in full attention singing this song loudly. Those days of starting the proud, wonderful song, “Ishy Biladi”. To be honest, to this day I have no idea what the song means. But when you learn a national anthem in a foreign language when you are a 7 year old kid, the words don’t exactly matter.

Growing up in the U.A.E. has certainly had its ups and downs, mostly ups. Loads of memories of traveling with dad to almost every corner of the country. Al Ain – Fujairah – Khor Fakkan. Roaming through deserts – on paved roads mind you. In between mountains, with amazing views! Memories to last a lifetime. School memories, making new friends everywhere. The whole fusion of cultures and nationalities is a huge advantage too!

And of course nothing beats a random Arab guy opening a door for you and politely saying, Yalla Habibti ❤  *blush* *blush* 😛


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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