A Coward’s Tale

Is it just me? Or does anyone else too have that compulsion to run away the moment you are confronted by someone for anything? Doesn’t matter if it’s my mistake or not, I hate, I mean H-A-T-E, confronting and equally hate being confronted. The worst situation is when I haven’t done anything wrong, and I just stand there with my mouth hanging wide open like, “Wait… wait a minute… You mean to say I did that? Should I take that as a compliment? That it is Carol-ly possible?”. I am at my best at confrontations when I am pissed off. I scream out some nonsense which makes total sense to me in my anger and just breeze away leaving the confronter/confronted blank.
If I do confront you about something it will be after I have thoroughly thought about it countless times or I am just going through a sudden “be frank” time.
After the recent bout of scams that have befallen my daily life, it had been expected of me to confront the said people. But, the way I handled them made my dad red with anger as I was politely begging the said scammers to please give me a solution to the problem. Screaming, threatening and violence, are said to be the only way to handle untrustworthy people.
But, That. Involves. Confronting. Someone. With. Their. Mistakes!
Which is a total no-no in my books. I can blame myself but blaming someone to their faces. Nope! That would involve them to maybe revert back with lies or my previous forgotten mistakes.
Moral of story: People please be Good. Don’t take advantage of the fact that cowards like me exist.
It maybe usual business for you to make a fool out of people with your fake charm and innocent tricks but, we don’t make a living to provide easy money for you fine people. Just because you do not have a conscience or something bad may have happened to you in your past or you are desperate doesn’t make it right!


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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