Just another Thursday

Some days before my friend’s birthday, I decide to dedicate a post to her. I write a rough description of whatever is running through my mind and then coz I’m too sleepy to continue I click on Publish and close my eyes.
Did u read that previous sentence? Read it again…
I published a half-written post !!! Maybe because my brain cells were too busy singing, “We need sleep”, in a slow, Frère Jacques manner.
The very next second I open my eyes and start searching frantically or however fast my powered-down brain let’s me to correct my mistake. I change it to a Draft! Woo hoo!
Next minute I hunt for WhatsApp and message my fellow blogger friend to see if my mistake was documented. With the  current mood that my personal karma is in, it’s no surprise that yeah, all my followers got a mail containing my untitled post.
The one time I’m grateful I don’t have many blog followers !😁 and the best part: My friend (whose birthday is tomorrow) isn’t a follower !! Woohoo !!
That’s the way, a-ha a-ha,
I like it, a-ha a-ha!


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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