Happy Valentine’s day <3

BEWARE – The following post is written by an individual who is blinded by the fact that she is Single.

❤ Happy Valentine’s Day people!! ❤
I promised myself I would control my emotions. Basically I am not gonna rant. Come on why should I rant about the fact that Valentine’s day being the day for love, love and more love is simply selfish as it caters more to couples. Nope not going to rant! Singles have their own day too right? 😉
Everyone has at least one friend to celebrate for Friendship day, one horror costume for Halloween day, and everyone has a Valentine for Valentines day. Even us singles (not).
Those of us waiting for the Right one without messing our minds and hearts with the ever present half-Rights; we enjoy Valentine’s day the most!! We get to watch couples smiling lovingly at each other. Walking hand in hand. Wearing cute red matching sweaters. Awwww ❤
Nope, I don’t tear up a little at those sights and No! I don’t cringe at the sight of a red rose anywhere on this beautiful day. It’s a beautiful symbol of love! I too will get one on this great day (from yours truly).
Nope no rant from me… none whatsoever. I just enjoy seeing all the red teddies, the red roses, the red kiss filled items, the red decor everywhere. I just L-O-V-E it! 🙂 ❤
P.S. Please do send me the address of that amazing person who started this whole debacle. I would love to send a dozen roses or so. (NOT)


Do let me know your opinion. I love opinions! :D

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