Listing down some posts that got rooted in my mind; noted onto my Memos app but were not pursed further. BEWARE of incomplete posts! 😀

Imagine this: You are lying on your bed thinking about how you will spend the next few months without friends, without work albeit your family being there.

Let’s talk about some of my fears.
1) Do you ever feel like maybe you were brought here into this world with no particular purpose, no particular destination other than death. You don’t feel the need to plan your future because u know it’s gonna end one way or the other in death. Why trouble myself with plans and expectations ?
2) Do you ever feel like maybe you do not deserve the friends that you have? That may be they are acting nice out of pity. Out of generosity. These are the friends that I give a wide amount of space. I let them enough breathing space so that they can rethink whether they really want to be “friends” with me.
So when I hear from a friend who I am currently giving a wide berth, even a simple hi, count me as the person with the best day possible.

People all around getting exactly what they want, and are happy, and I can’t get even a single thing that makes me happy. Maybe I am wishing for the wrong things ?

Imagine this: You are at your lowest, when no one! not even some of your closest friends can get you; even though they try and try till they get frustrated enough to think of stopping.

Let’s just start by saying Sharing is not my best feature. Actually I don’t even think it’s part of my features.
By sharing I mean, being open about my thoughts, my feelings, my joys or my sorrows whichever seems to be in trend. My dreams, my passions,……..

Imagine this: You are declared NOT STRONG!!

You can not imagine how strong a person is, unless you yourself have gone through the same things in life.

I’m not strong? Unless you have gone through exactly what I have, you have no right to comment on how strong I am.

The only time you have the right to comment on how strong I am is when you been through exactly what I have.

Imagine this: You are told to change yourself. Like seriously ?

Yes, I am boring.
Yes, I love reading books though you can’t bother reading a single chapter.
Yes, I love retro songs.
No, I don’t have a night life.
Yes, I need my parents permission to do everything.
Yes, I like being alone sometimes, I don’t need people to make me feel good.
Yes, I am the one who will wait for a friend.
Yes, I will be there like a loyal dog.
Yes, I want to complain about my problems.
No, I don’t like your music taste but I don’t complain.
Yes, I may look like the dumbest person but maybe I am giving you the benefit of the doubt.
This is me; Love me or leave me.

Imagine this: Parents and relatives constantly bring up the topic of Marriage. My take on marriage.

The widely Advertised Pros:
1) A partner for life, who loves you, will care for you.
2) Children who will love you and take care of you.
3) Never lonely for life.
4) You will always be showered with love and care forever.
5) Did I mention you will be with the love of your life for the rest of your life ?

The later mentioned Cons:
1) The “love of your life” could just as well become “worst nightmare of your life”.
2) Being a woman, you will be made to make sacrifices as the dear hubby will freely make his moves in life and career.
3) As if one extended family of your own was not enough, you get yourself ambushed by another whole group of family.
4) The lovely infants could grow up into giant terrors forever blaming you as the reason for their condition.
5) Oh! And the “love” of your life could just as easily be sharing their love with someone else. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy !

Imagine this: Your friend says one thing, your other friend says another. Both are right in their own way.

How do you choose? Choose whom to please? whom to hurt? whom to agree with? whom to turn down? How to tell the person about your decision knowing that it will surely hurt him/her?

Imagine this: Your daily life 😛

Why is it that people change so much ?
One day they are all you need… next day you wonder what hit you on the head the previous day ?
One day that person is the only one required to talk to and the next day you wonder who is the stranger you were chatting with ?
One day you are so in love with the friend and the next you wonder why you found that friend lovable?
One day you talk all that you want but the next day you filter out what to tell.


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